The Jaguar E-Type Is The Perfect Car For A French Grand Tour

Ever since Dorothée's dream of owning an E-Type was realised, she has never missed an opportunity to take it out on a tour of the French countryside.

3y ago

While growing up, we all have a wishlist made of cars we’d love to own one day. Despite what people say about “not meeting your heroes”, these cars are an infatuation that goes nowhere until the day one actually gets to drives one. For Dorothée Schwartz, the infatuation began when she was 15 years old attending racing events and car meets as spectators. She and her brother used to love talking about vintage cars, dreaming of one day being behind the wheel and in the middle of all the action. Her brother has been racing historic cars for the past decade-and-a-half and in 2015, Dorothée, who is now 50 and mother to three children, decided to accompany him in the car that she had been enamoured by since her own childhood.

The E-type fits in perfectly with Dorothée penchant for the sixty’s styling and design. It is one of the defining moments of mid-century British motoring that has a perfect blend of period design and engineering that sits perfectly to her liking. Its naturally flowing lines shapes in perfectly the relatively simple packaging. The Jaguar E-type is functional minimalism at its best.

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