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The Jaguar XE, A Sporty Piece Of Britain Or A Bloody Catastrophe?

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P​rices start from a very un-Jaguar like £33,915 ($43,681.54), which is incidently a lot more than it’s competitors. The car was released in 2014 at the Geneva Motor Show as a competitor to the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4, all of which are more popular internationally. But, is the car too british to be good? or better than it’s german rivals? all to be revealed in this review.

I​’ve owned an XE for nearly 3 years, and overall i would say its great. But there are some slight faults that should be considered before buying one. To start with, the xe has a great engine, mines a 2.0L diesel, it has good economy, mine does about 52mpg on a full tank and it has a great ride. But the problems start from the back. The problem is the XE is too focused on being Coupé like and sporty, forgetting it‘s a saloon with rear seats. And that’s the problem. It’s almost as if they were having fun making the front look and feel really cool, but we’re then told that it needs to have rear seats and went ‘ohhhh damn it’. So as a result, the XE has about the same leg room as a Ferrari Portofino. So it’s not the saloon to buy if you want to take your work colleagues out for a spin around the business park, leave that part to the germans. Unfortunately, the problems don’t stop there. The XE comes with an Automatic Transmission Gearbox as standard, which sounds good. But it’s about as quick as hiring your local vicar to be your tamed racing driver, you pull away and it takes between 11-15ms to decide it want’s first. This previously could be fixed by buying a manual, but Jaguar put a stop to that.

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T​hankfully, these problems can be solved with the 2019 Jaguar XE, which is very coupé and sporty looking, but not in the same sense of the prevous version. The XE has had a complete Botox treatment, now the front looks slick and tamed (particularly the grill) and comes with many sporty-looking colours, apart from the British Racing Green which was a particular favourite of mine, but it wasn’t up to there sporty standards. The gearbox is new, not a DSG but a definite improvement from the previous version. Aswell, the seating problems in the back have been improved, not solved though. They have added more supporting seats with gloriously silky smooth leather, and heated seats are to be recommended, if you live in the UK of course. Although the XE has been improved, if your wanting to use the back seats for adults, I do recommend you buy the XF, which is longer and more spacious.

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T​he new XE is a definite competitor to the BMW 3 Series and Audi A4, and I would most definitely buy one over it‘s rivals. Despite them loosing my favourite colour, I would still buy one over any other small-saloon. The XE has a sporty sense that isn’t just for show, the engine is now more powerful, the reconmended one being the 2.0L, 4 cylinder, 300PS turbocharged petrol engine, the price might be colossal (from £41,005) but it is completely worth it. So to conclude, the old XE wasn’t that great, it had a good engine but a ropey gearbox and no rear leg room, whereas the new XE has a brilliant engine, great gearbox and good seats which makeup for the lack of leg room. So, if your going to buy an XE, make it a new one.

T​hanks for reading, Josh.

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  • I like it more than most BMWs

    18 days ago
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    • It’s pretty easy to like anything better than BMW’s at the moment with that huge, gawping front grille the put on every single one of there cars

      15 days ago
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  • It's not a BMW, Audi or Mercedes so it's not good enough for businessmen

    20 days ago
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