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The Jaguar XE S is one of the best cars you now can't buy..

27w ago


Let me introduce you to the powerhouse which is a supercharged V6 powered Jaguar XE. My specific variant had AWD, which I later found to be essential in the rain thanks to the monstrous torque it could put down. 375bhp, 332lb ft @ 3500rpm, 0-62 in 5 seconds and a limited top speed of 155mph. It's no slouch, and while not being an M3 beater it does a damn good job of keeping up on bendy back roads. All for the semi-modest price of £48,000..

The back end is understated, looking much like a standing XE - people not in the know simply won't.. know..?

Thanks to the all new emissions rules and new testing procedures, this amazing engine has now been axed from XE production for the foreseeable future. This supercharged V6 also appeared in the XF, which has again been removed. You may also notice it's difficult to spec a V8 Jagaur too currently - and now you know why.

But why is it a shame?

Simply put - Jaguar had created something which didn't break the bank (but did break your wallet with Shell Nitro+), had great residuals, performed without question and did it all while being a true waft'y and comfortable Jag. It had ISO fix in the rear, an option of folding seats, a multitude of autonomous technology - and a V6 noise to make even a Prius owner smile.

It was a true every day Jaguar, a true week day trooper and weekend adventurer - all while being a bit of a sleeper when you wanted it to be - even having the capability to turn around 39mpg (if you were really, really careful).

Day or night, the paint was truly stunning..

Performance wise, the above figures say it all. 5 secs to 62mph, 155mph top speed, under £50k on the road and a V6 which sounds epic. In corners it hugs you through, truly showcasing that Jaguar really can make a superb performance car which can also do the shopping trip to Asda.

At no point did I feel I was going to lose it, mainly thanks to the AWD. Without it, in the wet you might find yourself wrestling constantly if you really want to boot it. In the dry though, it was a stable and incredibly fun car on any stretch of road.

Huge alloys and special sized tyres, getting replacements is difficult - even for the dealers..

Is the XE S coming back any time soon?

Currently, sadly it seems not to be coming back. With ever tightening emission policies, Jaguar are focusing on safer alternatives - starting with electric. Their all new iPace is creating a storm in the media for being fun, fast, frugal and .. reliable (couldn't think of another 'f'). Until further emission reduction technology is developed, it's not likely we'll see the return of a 'fast' XE. There has even been speculation into the longevity of the F-Type V6, with that engine variant being pulled entirely from market.

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