The Japanese concept you've never heard of; Mazda's Suitcase Car

    Officially known as the 'Amazing Suitcase Car'

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    Mazda has produced some rather impressive concept cars over the years. Some which you have heard of include the Mazda RX-500, Mazda Taiki, Mazda Shinari and the RX-7 Vision Concept. All of these are fantastic concepts but I have one you have never heard of before.

    I present to you, the Mazda Amazing Suitcase Car and it might just be the most inventive and innovative car you have ever seen.

    In the early 90s, Mazda set themselves a challenge to make a really small car, and when I say small, I mean REALLY small. In fact, it all came about when an inter-departmental contest took place to see which group of employees could come up with the most innovative and creative solution to producing a ‘moving machine’.

    And this is what they came up with. You see, Mazda had the time to go and do experiments like this as they had just successfully reimagined the roadster with the MX-5 and won Le Mans with the rotary-powered 787B racer. There really was no better time to attack this niche market.

    Believe it or not, in order to make a start, employees just popped to the shops to buy the largest Samsonite suitcase they could find. Once they had this, they went and sourced a Pocket Bike motorbike and got to work.

    The end result was the size of something you could fit in the boot of your car and technically take on an airplane. It had a 33.6cc 7hp two-stroke engine, a set of handlebars and 4-6 inch-diameter tyres, all attached to a suitcase.

    In order to drive it, all you had to do was attach the rear wheels on either side of the case and the front wheel would pop through a removable hatch in the front.

    All in all, the suitcase car took just one minute to assemble and had a top speed of 30km/h. Unfortunately, the original prototype was somehow 'accidentally destroyed' just a few months after it was built.

    However, one suitcase car still remains in existence and according to Mazda, 'it works as well as it did 24 years ago.'

    I don't know about you, but I would like to find and purchase this car...

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