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The Japanese Grand Prix summed up in 13 tweets

It wasn't a classic, but our man on Twitter managed to see the funny side of things.

3y ago

It wasn't one of the greatest races at Suzuka – unless you're called Lewis Hamilton, of course.

The Mercedes driver strolled to yet another win to open a massive 59-point gap over Sebastian Vettel after a dodgy spark plug did for his Ferrari at the start. The Red Bull boys were best of the rest, with Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo second and third at the flag.

That was how it ended up on track. Meanwhile our man on Twitter, @GrandPrixDiary, was up before dawn to keep an eye on things there...

1) Drama before the start as Sir Mo Farah is attacked by a giant poodle.

2) Dodgy spark plug on the grid for Sebastian Vettel as Ferrari continue to hand it to Mercedes.

3) Lap six and the race – and the season – is done and dusted for Ferrari.

4) Not how those who got up before dawn wanted to see it pan out, either...

5) Renault spot a welcome bit of action on lap 25 as the rest of us struggle to stay awake.

6) Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne was VERY unhappy with their car problems before Japan. I'd hate to see him now.

7) Spotted on the grid, just before the Ferrari went technical...

8) Change of underpants moment for Lance Stroll as a wheel failure nearly puts him in the wall and then into Daniel Ricciardo

9) Two laps to go and Max Verstappen is right with Lewis.

10) There have been some classics from Suzuka over the years. Sadly, this wasn't one of them.

11) We could have done with another couple of laps!

12) Fan favourite Takuma Sato did the podium interviews. Lewis only interested in the bling though.

13) Boys will be boys!

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Comments (11)

  • I could see Hamilton win at Suzuka from qualifying yesterday, it's another AMG masterclass

      3 years ago
  • Hamilton cocky as always. F1 drivers are quick to talk shit about indycar.

      3 years ago
    • Drive real fast and turn to the left 👍

        3 years ago
    • Do you have any idea how what that constant g force does to your body. And they have plenty of street circuits.

        3 years ago
  • LH - Drives like a champ, acts like hillbilly

      3 years ago