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    Which of these cars are NOT powered by a 2JZ engine?

    • Toyota Supra GT LM
    • SCCA ProRally Supra
    • Castrol TOM's Supra
    • Top Secret Supra

    What is this car based on?

    • Toyota MR2 (AW11)
    • Subaru Alcyone XT
    • Honda NSX
    • Toyota MR2 (SW20)

    What's so special about this Nissan Patrol that raced in the 1987 Dakar rally?

    • It was powered by a (by then) experimental version of the RB26DETT engine
    • It was the first ever diesel car to finish in the top 10
    • It retired on the first stage after just 3 kilometers
    • It set the fastest overall speed record

    What is this car?

    • A test mule for the Honda NSX
    • A failed Toyota group B rally car prototype
    • A custom car made for illegal Wangan highway racing
    • The road legal version of the first GT1 Toyota race car

    Where was the Group B Mazda RX7 built?

    • Belgium
    • Japan
    • New Zealand
    • Germany

    What car did not race in the Japanese Gran Touring Championship?

    • Lamborghini Diablo
    • Mazda MX-5
    • Mercedes CLK 500
    • Lexus LFA

    Who came up with the "Godzilla" nickname for the Nissan Skyline GT-R R32?

    • An Australian car magazine
    • The Nissan marketing department
    • The fanboys
    • Keiichi Tsuchiya

    GT1 cars had to have luggage space the size of a standard sized suitcase. Where was this in the 1998 Toyota GT-ONE?

    • The rear bumper
    • The roof
    • The fuel tank
    • The front left wheel arch under the headlight

    Who is responsible for this V12 supercar?

    • Kawasaki
    • Suzuki
    • Honda
    • Yamaha

    What or who helped Mark Blundell qualify P1 for the 1990 24 Hours of Le Mans

    • A different driver that secretly took his place
    • A shortcut on the track
    • Broken wastegates
    • Illegal active aero

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