The Joy of Other People's Cars

I don't entirely know why it is, but I really enjoy working on other people's cars. I've got my own rally car that I'm rebuilding; one that I will introduce to all of you in the coming weeks, but there is a definite release when the car you're spannering belongs to someone else. I spent Saturday afternoon helping my friend to install a bucket seat into his Ford Puma track day car and it was the most fun I've had working on a car in months.

From heavy, ill-positioned standard seat, to fancy bucket seat in less than four hours.

I think this joy comes from the lack of pressure. Working on your own car, trying to make every last bit perfect, while worrying about not breaking the budget, all distracts from the joy of just getting on and enjoying the process. The longer a project goes on, the more working on it becomes a chore. My project has gone on forever, so breaking out the welder, getting on with the job and having a laugh with a good mate was a nice break from the norm. I can't wait to get back on to it.

The Ford Puma is blinkin' bargain right now. You won't have more fun for less cash.

Also, while I'm about it, isn't the Ford Puma just brilliant? My friend paid the princely sum of £300 for his, it's only done around 50k miles and has had mountains of cash spent on it by the previous owner. The gear shift is spot-on, the steering is spot-on, the engine is willing and the handling sweeter than cars costing 10 times as much. If you've never driven one of Ford's baby coupes, ignore the slightly girly image and give one a go. You won't have more fun for less money.

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  • Painted by the previous owner (female going for a joker and Harley theme!) it's rattlecan'd Halfords Purple graffiti paint

    2 years ago
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  • I hope your friend doesn't mind but I've grabbed the exterior pic for some inspiration as my even cheaper than his Puma looks like this!

    2 years ago
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    • Love it! Is it painted or wrapped? We'd like to wrap my friend's but it would cost more than the car did. You should paint your wheels green!

      2 years ago


Never mind Ford vs Ferrari, what abou​t Saleen vs Ferrari?
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