The joys of driving a cLassic car in Winter

3y ago


On a winter eve a dozen years ago, an Audi A8 overtook me and then braked hard for a dark yellow traffic light, which given the road conditions deemed impossible to me. Yet it did. Worse, it somehow managed to stop. Some kind of black magic at work, presumably. And as the Audi's rear lights were covered in snow, I lost the tiny bit of reaction time that might have saved me.

With all four wheels locked and the winter tyres sliding helplessly in wet, fresh snow, I braced for impact. There was none. Just a big bang to be heard as I watched the folding bonnet rise and block my view of the Audi. With both the Merc's and and the Audi's metal crumbling, I was slowed down smoothly. The only bodily harm done was the cold I fetched while waiting for the police.

On the brighter side of things, I was able to drive home on my own. The radiator held tigth and the car lost neither oil nor water. As I had lost my headlights and indicator, the police were so nice as to guide me home and make sure I could see and was seen. I only took 2k€ to get this ugly looking mess of distorted metal back on the road, including parts, labour, and a proper paint job.
The aluminim-bodied A8 was a near write-off, at over 27k€ of estimated damage. I guess that counts as a points decision in favor of the Merc.

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  • Painful to see that Merc in such a state... Something I must admit being scared of almost every time I drive my classic...

      2 years ago