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The Kid Behind Lost In Transmission and What It's All About

This is a short summary of who I am and why I love cars a started this DriveTribe thing.

All of you guys probably want to know who I am. Well all 23 members of my tribe and the few people who follow me. To anyone else who happens to stumble across this article don't forget to join my tribe. It would be greatly appreciated and hopefully you enjoy my content. I figured that since I do have a little bit of recognition on here now, I would properly introduce myself to you guys and tell you about how I grew to love cars and what my tribe is about if you don't really understand it.

Let's kick things off with how I became a gearhead. How I got interested in cars is really a bit odd. The only way I can really explain it is that God himself gave me passion for cars that no one else had. I got into cars when I was really little, around 18 months old (no I'm not joking) and have loved them to the same extent now as I did back then. I would ask my parents what cars were that I saw when I could barely even talk. Now fast forward a few years to when I'm about 5 years old. While other kids my age would play with action figures or with their dinosaur toys, I would be playing with Hot Wheels, or on the internet trying to learn as much about cars as possible. I knew more cars and about them more than an average person for my age.

As I grew up, I knew a wanted to do something that involved being around cars. More specifically I wanted to be a TV host on a show that was similar to Top Gear if not Top Gear itself. In high school I chose TV/Film as my career path and thought it would be a perfect way to get my foot in the door. Well this didn't pan out. I still do videos but they have nothing to do with cars. That's why I've decided to try this DriveTribe thing out. I've always been a strong writer so I thought why not write about what I love? My first car article I talked about my favorite car which is the Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 and 5 unknown facts about it. Chances are that you have seen it. If you haven't, click here. Since then, I've felt confident in my writing enough to start my tribe, Lost In Transmission.

So I think my tribe is one with a pretty cool concept. It's pretty much going to be me talking about cars and car brands that have been forgotten about over time or cars that are underrated. I know that people have posted about forgotten, quirky, and underrated cars in their tribes but I have yet to see a tribe that was dedicated to these cars. That was one of the reasons why I started this tribe. Another reason is, I know about a lot of cars that people don't even know about, including car enthusiasts. I also known more about cars than most people my age and older don't even know and instead having these cars be useless knowledge, why not tell people about them so I'm not the only one who knows about them. Who knows? Maybe you might find your new favorite car or have a newfound respect for a certain vehicle or brand.

So that's a little bit about me and about my tribe. Don't forget to bump and join Lost In Transmission. If you have any questions, leave them in comments and I will try to answer them as quickly as possible and I hoe you enjoyed.

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  • I loved cars the same way you did

      2 years ago
  • That’s a great idea for a Tribe, Keegan. I often find myself ogling over a car at the track, a meet, or a car show that no one else knows about and appreciates. Looking forward to seeing what other cars you post about!

      2 years ago