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The Kids are Serious.

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Nobody sells cars across a century without jumping each generation's pulse. The whole performance image Dodge shot for in the latter half of the sixties focused on young drivers. They had jobs, relatively minimal debt, a lot of emotion, and every reason to express themselves. Tradition at this time suggested a young person be stoic and dutiful before the man, but the tide has been steadily shifting since '63.

Before Plymouth followed with Roadrunners, Dodge had their own government car swallowing a hot pill. The Coronet of 1967 was a broad sight from the front with subtle Coke bottle lines accentuated by longitudinal stripes across straight sides.

R/T package Coronets expressly praised the 440 "Magnum" V8. Dodge didn't waste much art on the Hemi. If you knew what you wanted, you knew about the Hemi anyway. Opinions vary, but many would agree that a 440 made a preferable street engine.

If you're reading literature on specifications and 426 cubic inches gets 425 horsepower and 440 cubic inches has 375 horsepower the 440 may grab your attention more. Common consumers who wanted displacement didn't give a hoot about hemispherical combustion chambers and all of that sorcery because, "HEY that engine's bigger!"

Maybe that's why this ad paints the 440 a "Big Bore Hunter". Inside of Chrysler Corporation, this engine served best in taking down an elephant in a heads up competition. Hemis may have breathed easier, but you better be on top of that tune for optimal performance.

See the 440 as a mechanical symbol for the biological thing brewing within a nation's youth. To an average crowd their heart is big, properly mannered, essentially molded to another generation's liking. Then the chains melt when enough disgust causes said "youngster" to floor themselves. A wild wind of emotions on each side of the spectrum throw back peers where they stand. Nobody has ever seen this face on their round-faced child, but these times are upon us. The youth begin to growl playfully as streets become blank canvases for radical hijinks light to light. There's no taming this heart. Targets grow in physical size and reputation. Limits are urban legends and are met with enough resistance to blacken the sky. Your car must have some tie to your heart. That's what the whole "Dodge Rebellion" has to put across.

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    • I absolutely agree.

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