The King of Jordan's luxury limo is one of ugliest things you'll see

Let me show you around!

34w ago

I read about this car on a site that was appraising the luxury limo that the King of Jordan drives around in. But I feel very differently about it.

The King of Jordan (King Abdullah II), has a net worth of 750 million. Sure, he isn't one of the richest people in the world, but you or I would be quite happy with that figure. And yet, his whip of choice is an old Ford. I can only imagine the conversation:

'I would like a new limousine for visiting my country.'

'Of course sir'

'And I would like it to be luxurious, stretched and black'


'Oh, and make sure it is old, decrepit, tasteless, ugly and small.'

Sure, this car is bulletproof and has a V10 powerplant, but it cost over £600 thousand to make this!

And inside, it is all off-coloured leather and ugly wood. Maybe I'm being too harsh? I just don't think this would be the car I drive around in as head of state! For comparison, let's look at the vehicles of choice for other heads of state...

See what I mean!

(Quick note, apologies for the awful image quality, there aren't many sources!)

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Comments (6)

  • Not a bit uglier than any US so called "truck" around 🤷🏻‍♂️

      7 months ago
  • Oh common, give them a break. Arabs and Russians are well known for having more money then taste quite often. It is a bit painful for me to say this, as I am from Russia, and our family had spent about 15 years since 1997 in different Arab countries, but its just the way it is

      7 months ago
  • Why?

      7 months ago
  • In what world is that thing 'small'?

      7 months ago
  • I mean here in europe a giant black american SUV stands out a lot more that some flashy supercar...

      7 months ago