The Kings Of the Wings

2y ago
- Regardless, Nothing ever has and nothing ever will rival the wing of the Plymouth super bird/ Dodge Daytona. A Bugatti can go 200mph? THATS CUTE! This did that in the 60's. The wing was high so it could get smooth air for downforce. Thats COOL!
- The Porsche 911 is the most well known sports car of all time, no doubt about it. There are many legendary wings that Porsche is known for. The 959, the moby dick, and defiantly the duck tail. But one stands above them all, the Whale Tail of the 930
- If you wanna talk about function, this is your car. The F40 has, well, the F40 wing. What more needs to be said. This was the first road car to go over 200mph and its most identifiable feature is how aerodynamic and sleek it is, mostly due to the wing
- The Ford Sierra Costworth was another rally legend, but this time the spoiler was a part of the road car as well. It is a very unique and cool wing, that can easily be identified and be paired with the car, due to how unique and iconic it is.
- The Audi quattro s1 e2 had a pretty big wing in its group B configuration, but It will never compare to the massive wing of the pikes peak quattro. It isn't even a single wing if you think about it. I could talk about how big it is, but why just look
- Were gettin in the big boy leagues now! No more ricers and JDM's, these are wings built for a purpose, and are Iconic because of it, among other things. So to kick off the big leagues we have a Dakar 205 Peugeot. The group B was big, but not this big.
- Speaking of wings everybody knows, few people don't recognize the wing from a Subaru STI. it has changed very little over the years and complements the car nicely, unlike most Asian cars with spoilers.
- I am not a huge fan of this generation of supra's but there's no denying the wing on it is simply legendary. Wether your a ricer named han, or Tom from castrol, this Is a cool wing.
- As much as it pains me, this had to be on the list. I'm using this image as a generalization for all the aftermarket wings put on cars that don't fit. Ricers are not cool, and the wings are not functional and make an ass outta the owner, but there big

As far as car aesthetics go, a big ole wing often comes to mind. From iconic and aerodynamic to crappy riceburner spoilers some drugee probably got of of ebay, these are the King Wings

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  • I chose the wail tail because I like porsche, especially the 930 turbo.

      2 years ago
  • The air vent of the car the ricer picture was taken from, looks like a diffuser.

      2 years ago
  • My choice is Audi Pikes Peak

      2 years ago