The Knowledge: When we can go outside again, let's do it properly with a Suzuki Jimny

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It’s all a bit grim in the world at the moment, isn’t it? Thankfully, it won’t last forever. So now’s the time to look forward to those glorious days of summer – or maybe autumn – when we’ll be allowed to go outside again. And what better way to do so than with a cute, perky little off-roader you can buy for buttons, and use to explore the great outdoors? Cue the Suzuki Jimny.

The latest Jimny has stolen the limelight with its miniaturised G-Class looks – but it’s the earlier model, on sale – somewhat unbelievably – from 1998 until 2018, that looks like the real bargain right now.

It might be small, but the Jimny’s size belies its ability. It’s the mountain goat of cars, capable of scaling seemingly impossible terrain and embarrassing larger, more rugged machinery as it goes.

The key to its immense off-road skills is its lightness. The Jimny skips over boggy ground, and has less weight to haul up craggy inclines. A happy by-product is that the little 1.3-litre engine sips fuel, and is cheap and easy to fix when it goes wrong. Not that it will; Jimnys have a reputation for impressive durability.

Of course, there are downsides. A Jimny isn’t a great companion on the road – its bouncy ride and plasticky, cramped interior make a less-than-luxurious way to travel, while those tall sides and the narrow track mean cornering is best carried out at a leisurely pace. But as a characterful toy that’s cheap to run and easy to park – and that you can take green-laning at the weekends – the Jimny’s smile-per-mile ratio is off the scale.

Why you should buy one now

There’s a Jimny for every budget. No, really, there is. Want a tatty early example with a long-ish MOT that you can use as an off-road beater? Then you need pay no more than £1,500.

From there, prices run all the way up to £15,000 or thereabouts for a last-of-the-line example with a super-low mileage. Though if you ask us, you don’t want to do that, as it’s just too much to fork out unless you’re planning to stash your Jimny away for 20 years in an airtight bubble. And you don’t want to do that, either, as there’s no guarantee you’ll get your money back; in any case, these things are just too much fun to mothball.

What to look out for

Engines are hardy if they’re looked after well, but listen for tapping camshafts and watch out for head gasket failures – they’re not unknown. Sympathetic maintenance is a must.

A Jimny that has worked hard off road may have more than just body issues underneath – look out for suspension problems such as worn bushes, snapped springs and tired shock absorbers

Jimnys can also suffer from steering wheel wobble above 40mph. This can be caused by a number of issues, all of which are fixable – but you might want to chip some money off to budget for investigation and repair.

Interiors are generally hardy, but scratched-up plastics and worn seats point to a car that’s had a tough life.

If you’re after an off-road weapon to get out into the countryside once lockdown has been eased, though, the Jimny will go anywhere you want it to – and all for a bare minimum of cash.

Go on, browse. You know you want to...

We'll just leave this link to second-hand Jimnys here.

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  • Yes! Yes yes yes yes! 3rd gens all the way! Also look out for slipping transfer cases. Put it in 4wd on a hard surface and launch with 2/3 or 3/4 throttle to check.

      1 month ago
  • On Retiring We traded my wife's immaculate BMW 3 tourer 83k and the Jimmy I used as a 2 seater work horse on a W plate 95k now I was offered 1600 for BM and 1000 for Jimmy, I gleefully (poker faced) handed over the keys to Jimmy, it was my trusted friend all year round Swiss knife car... But to get nearly as much for this beat up little car I was surprised yet somehow gutted to see it go.... Having had a corking 1275 S in my youth the Jimny gave me as much fun and more.... I miss it..... 😢

      1 month ago