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The Koenigsegg Jesko's V8 has a soundtrack worth listening to

Koenigsegg posted a video of one of the final prototypes being tested and the noise is to die for!

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The Koenigsegg Jesko is one of the most hotly-anticipated hypercars of the new decade. Claimed by its mad scientist creator Christian Von Koenigsegg as the fastest Koenigsegg that will ever be made (at least in its Jesko Absolut fully top-speed optimised form), it's been 18 months since we first saw the car at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Now the Jesko is going through the final prototype testing and Koenigsegg decided to give us all a tease of the car's V8 soundtrack via a video posted on social media.


As you'll no doubt hear from watching this video, it's a soundtrack that's absolutely incredible! It's one of the best-sounding V8 engines I've heard in a long time. One commenter on the Instagram post exclaimed that "You guys make a V8 engine sound like V12" (something I'd definitely agree with there!) and another remarked that the Jeskon's engine sounds like "a mix of Ferrari 458, LFA/CGT V10, and GT race car." A pretty good sonic combination indeed! Furthermore, Koenigsegg's lead designer Sasha Selipanov chimed in by saying "Insanity!! Best sounding car in the world!" When the man who designed the car puts his seal of approval on it, you know it's awesome!

Image: Koenigsegg

Image: Koenigsegg

Thanks to Koenigsegg's main base of operations being situated at an old fighter base in Sweden, the Jesko prototype has had plenty of space to stretch its legs and make a lot of noise. All the better for us to hear how gorgeous it sounds and see how fast it can get off the line! That's something that the test driver in this video was definitely very aware of, as you can see him pushing the car to the limit already before it's even fully production-ready!

Image: Koenigsegg

Image: Koenigsegg

The Jesko's glorious 5.0-litre V8 engine is claimed to be able to produce 1,603 hp and 1,000 lbs-ft of torque when running on E85 biofuel and have a dizzyingly high redline of 8,500 rpm. Power is sent exclusively to the rear wheels via a 9-speed multi-clutch gearbox that's been developed entirely in-house by Koenigsegg. The multi-clutch system theoretically allows the driver to shift from any gear to any gear almost instantaneously, eliminating the awkward double-shuffle that dual-clutch systems often encounter when changing down that slows downshifts to the point where you can really notice it instead of the shifts being an almost instantaneous surge of power.

Image: Koenigsegg

Image: Koenigsegg

If you wanted a Jesko, you're probably not going to be able to get one unless somebody wants to give up their $3 million build slot as all 125 examples of the car have already sold out. The production of those 125 cars is split evenly between the regular Jesko and the ultimate speed-focused Jesko Absolut.

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  • That’s nothing. You should hear the shriek my missus let out when she found out I sold her to raise money to buy a Koenig .

      24 days ago
  • It sounds raw, none of that artificial crap

      24 days ago
    • It has an Akrapovic exhaust, sorry to tell you but that engine is very artificially enhanced sonically by its exhaust hahahaha

        24 days ago
  • V8 👍

      24 days ago
  • Finally

      25 days ago
  • old koenigseggs sound better in my opinion

      18 days ago


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