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The lack of fantasy

We've all been through this situation.

The time to pick up a new car comes and we struggle to choose something different to everyone else.

Fact is, courage in choosing a car is something that we lack, a lot.

We all fear to make the wrong decision and end up at the side of the road with emergency lights on, open bonnet, and kids on the backseats of other cars gently, but evidently, laughing at you out loud.

If you break down with your car, people are legally allowed to laugh out loud at you...


Is it a money problem?

Not entirely.

The vast majority of wealthy people tends to spend their fortunes in rather sensible cars:

Audis, BMWs, Mercs…beautiful, rock solid cars.

Where's the flamboyant?

Where's the fantasy?

Where's the originality?

I can understand who has little money and only can afford one car for a lifetime and absolutely can't get it wrong. For them, it's a sort of one-shot deal, either you win it, or you lose it.

If you lose, be prepared to cry all life-long.

Scared? Well, don't you.

There are some cars' brands that are more likely to become lemons, so if you can't afford it, avoid them.

Alfa Romeo is a clarifying example:

I've never fancied Alfas, I admit it.

This is due partly because of their chronic unreliability, but mainly because the majority of them are rebranded Fiats.

Now hordes of fanboys are willing to kill me...

Nevertheless, it's fair to say that Alfas are attractive and very good looking.

You know they will get you in bankrupt, but you look at them and you secretly wish to find one of those parked in your garage. (Even I do)

It's a risky investment that you'd like to take but not forever and surely not with your money.

Maserati has the same kind of disease.

The wonderful looking Alfa Giulia Veloce, only the name will make you want it...

However, this shouldn't really bother wealthy people

They have the economic power to be irrational, they only have to let their fantasy work and the is job done!

Unfortunately, everyone sorts of blend into the same cloud of rationalism.

This attitude can easily resemble as a comfortable grey Volkswagen Golf, perfect in every way, but soulless.

And don't you think to be different because you bought an Audi, or an exotic named Seat because they're all the same Golf!

And don't you think to be different because you bought an Audi, or an exotic named Seat because they're all the same Golf!


I shall call it "The reassuring way"...

Car manufacturers understand people fears, so they build cars that look all exactly the same across the range.

A BMW 7-series looks like a stretched 3-series so that both rich and less rich feel the same pre-eaten taste.

That's good for the 3-series' owner because he rarely will feel the desire for a better car, but in this way, you cut all the differences, and that's not good.

It's depressing.

It literally freezes sales, and pushes people to buy the cheapest car of the range "because it's the same".

But it isn't the same!

Don't get me wrong...

I'd like my car to be better than it is now, but I don't want it to be too good to get rid of the will to get something a lot better!

I still want to desire a 911 Targa while driving my Mini, because so it's right!


I'm not forcing you not to buy yourself a shiny new Golf, but please, just for a second, try and imagine yourself in something different. I mean really different.

You may be tempted and perhaps you'll be happier with a fancier choice.

Keep calm and…#BuyALemon

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