The Lady of the [Nürburg]Ring: From 48th to 4th position in one lap

A must see video!:

Sabine Schmitz | Porsche 911 GT3 R | Onboard | Frikadelli Racing Team | VLN 5 2014.07.05 (video by ADACZurich24hRennen)

Starting from the last position (due a penalty), she was the only one who bet for slick tyres on the damp track of Nürburgring, and she finally won the race.

Here is a summary video of the same race with highlights from the 20 laps. There are some sound issues, but the video worth it because was edited with race/car data, and three screens from the onboard cameras.

Frikadelli Racing Team best of VLN 05 - 2014 | Sabine Schmitz from the end of the starting group to 1st place (summary) | (video by FrikadelliRacingTeam)

(cover photo by