the Lamborghini marzal memory test quiz

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10w ago

the production version of the marzal was called...

  • jarama
  • espada
  • jalpa
  • estoque

and how many seats did the espada/ marzal concept have?

  • 3 seat!!! concept car!!!
  • a sensible 2
  • a urus 4

if you paid attention to the roof, what kind of doors did it have?

  • scissor doors or what ever you call them
  • gullwing doors
  • sliding doors
  • rotating doors (what even is that)

at the rear window Louvre of the marzal, it was made of...

  • a sensible choice... hexagon!
  • triangles... maybe?
  • stupid squares
  • something else ('s not this)

since you could see through the roof and doors, what color were the seats?

  • tinfoil chrome hahahahahahahahaaaaa
  • black
  • those Lamborghini pattern seat things...
  • white
  • no idea (this isn't correct either)

and finally... did you not not not not not enjoy the quiz

  • not what?
  • no?
  • yes?

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