The Lamborghini Sián is already sold-out

Only 63 units have been planned and they’ve all been sold. With a price tag of €2.5M each.

2y ago

Lamborghini stole the show in Frankfurt by introducing the Sián, a limited edition hybrid hypercar which combines the traditional Lambo V12 with an electric unit. Officially, it is known as the Sián FKP37, a tribute to late VW executive Ferdinard Karl Piech, born in 1937. Piech spent pretty much his entire career at VW and played a key role in VW’s acquisition of Lamborghini, in 1998.

This is what modern media called an “electrified” vehicle but it comes with the right sort of electrification because the 34 PS, 48 Volt electric motor works in tune with Lambo’s V12 for a combined power output of 819 PS. V12 or not, this is still a revolutionary vehicle for Lamborghini and unlike most Lamborghinis, the Sián isn’t even named after a fighting bull because the name means lightning in Bolognese dialect.

We’re living in strange times. Carmakers are struggling to make a profit these days A, because people aren’t buying new cars anymore, opting for long term lease plans or the bus, and B, because complying with rules and regulations in place is becoming increasingly expensive. But despite this, whenever supercar manufacturers come up with a new limited edition model costing a billion gazillion, it is always inevitably sold-out within days.

Go figure, eh?

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