With the recent reveal of the V8 powered 641bhp Lamborghini Urus Super-SUV came a mass chorus of approval and disapproval in equal measure from car fans the world over. As part of the reveal, the base cost of the Urus was confirmed. But as we know in the world of supercars, no one ever buys one without adding a wealth of expensive options.

In the case of the Urus, we now know what those hugely pricey options will cost in the UK thanks to this helpfully leaked price list.

We have been playing with the official Lamborghini configurator and managed to shoehorn in a massive amount of optional extras into a car that if we are being brutally honest is not exactly poverty spec in the first place.

The expensive highlights start with the exterior. We picked the Electric Panorama Roof weighing in at £2,310, because getting more light is essential. We also specced the Privacy Glass and Double Glazing at £1,774.80 because silent privacy is good.

So that the Urus can be taken to muddy places we needed the Off-road Modes functionality costing a mere £529.20. This was then rendered slightly useless by the addition of 22” Rims Nath in Diamond Finish costing £3,990 along with a set of grippy Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres for the small amount of just £1,575.60.

Other lifestyle essentials include the Full ADAS Pack + HUD costing £5,250, Night Vision capability for just £2,206.80 and a Bang & Olufsen Advanced 3D Audio System for a further £5,250.

After this, you will naturally need to spec such essential styling extras as the Ambient Light Package for £2,524.40, Floor mats with leather piping and double stitching a snip at just £525.60 and the finishing touch of a Heated Multifunctional Steering Wheel with Suede leather inserts for only £1,050.

After many hours of speccing a Urus we managed to come up with a total option cost of some £41,048.40, or just under the price of a base spec Porsche 718 Cayman if you will.

All of these many essential (and non-essential) options would bring the estimate total cost of the Urus to a total of £206,423.40 which well in the realms of supercar money territory. This includes the base cost of the car at £157,800 along with the additional cost of delivery, NavTrak Pro ADR and the UK specific first registration fee in case you were wondering.

How would you spec your Lamborghini Urus? Let us know in the comments.

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