The Lamborghini URUS Unveiled today

It’s traditional at Lamborghini to name models after famous fighting bulls or breed ever since founder Ferruccio Lamborghini, a Taurean, chose the bull as his company emblem. The Urus is named after the biggest and most fearsome of all, the Auroch, ancestor of the present-day bull and standing some 1.8 metres at the shoulder. So the Urus – or whatever the production vehicle will be called - will be imposing and immensely powerful.

From the front, the Urus concept shares a lot of design DNA with its stablemates, with an edgy, angular ‘face’ and gaping air intakes. Ground clearance is high, there’s a rising waistline with bulging ‘haunches’ around the rear wheels and the glasshouse is mid-way between coupé and tourer in profile. Four generous seats and a versatile luggage area are essentials for this sector, but Lamborghini’s interpretation will be more sport-oriented than any rival. The new SUV will combine outstanding performance with everyday usability.

Lamborghini is playing its cards close to its chest as regards the design and tech data, but this will be no small-scale limited edition. The new SUV will represent a third model line for the company alongside Huracán and Aventador and we confidently expect it long waiting lists. The factory itself will almost double in size, with bigger R&D, warehousing and a third production line. Lamborghini plans to recruit another 500 employees to meet demand.

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Comments (12)
  • after seeing the money that Porsche made, and the response to that SUV, maybe they just want in on the gravy train. not likely to be super high numbers, but enough to make the building of insane supercars more profitable. it wouldn't dilute the brand because it's not a 3rd or 4th variation on the same car, and will still be THE SUV to have for a large portion of men especially

    1 year ago
  • Yep, you are probably right. And in the process they perhaps dilute brand values. Maybe not. I wonder what the marketing department had to say, or heaven forbid, the Focus Group!

    Early tractors aside, I would have thought this maker was more interested in high performance super cars. Perhaps I am wrong but I can't help thinking Lambros are coming over all SUV.

    1 year ago
    • they still make tractors. maybe the boys should get one of those and race it against a john deere.

      11 months ago


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