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The Land Rover Discovery designed to save your life

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Land Rover and the Austrian Red Cross have joined forces to create a unique, lifesaving, emergency response vehicle.

In case you hadn’t guessed, the Discovery Emergency Response Vehicle is based on the latest generation Land Rover Discovery.

Developed by the Special Vehicle Operations team, it’s said to be an emergency command centre that will provide ‘eyes in the sky and go-anywhere wheels on the ground.’

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Of this kit, an 8-Rotor octocopter stands out as a highlight. Whilst it’s a shame Land Rover didn’t fit the Discovery with Jet engines and wings, there can be no doubt that the octocopter is an impressive and a much more sensible decision.

Attached to the octocopter is a long range, thermal imaging camera that can be viewed on a touchscreen computer thats located in the boot of the Discovery.

The camera will allow teams to spot a vehicle from 1km away and people from 440m. Rest assured Marina owners, if you break down in the woods, the response team will find you!

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With a simple tap of the screen, the drone can lock onto and follow objects. Furthermore, it will send precise coordinates of anything seen to the computer screen.

When not being used the drone is stored on the expedition roof rack. The roof rack also carries various antennas that are vital for things such as the satellite phone.

Additional highlights include a diverse range of communication equipment, multiple power supply points, 360-degree emergency blue lighting and high intensity spot lights.

Click on the video below to see the Discovery Emergency Response Vehicle in action!

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