- Dramatic Scenes at the Land Rover Off-Road Experience.

The Land Rover Experience

I was sent on the Land Rover Off-Road Experience by Sturgess of Leicester. Find out what happened in these three short films!

2y ago

I was set a challenge. As a man of speed and power, try my hand at driving slowly and sensibly. This doesn't come naturally to me, and so when I arrived at the Land Rover Experience Centre at Rockingham Castle, I was met by my instructor for the day - a former Marine! Over the next three minutes, you'll see what I came up against and how the all-new Discovery fared through water, mud and mountains! Enjoy.

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Episode One. Arrival

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Epidode Two. Water

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Episode Three. The End!

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  • The true land rover experience is wading through a river in a series and getting soaked from water flooding the cabin.

      2 years ago