The 90s was the best decade ever. It kicks the ass out of the 2000s, and even though it is in great competition with the 80s, we still saw loads of exceptional cars come out during this era. And let’s start with one of the greatest of them all: The #Porsche #911 #Carrera type #993 (internal name).

The perfect driver's car.

This is a car that you can hardly hate. It represents the last of the modern-classic 911. Being probably one of the most desirable 911, the 993 is considered by many as the Holy Grail. Created in 1993, this car was created to show the dramatic technical advancements made by the company from Stuttgart. Lighter, better handling, better suspension, less oversteer, better engine. Better everything. But all these capabilities are nothing without the looks. It has a sleeker design than its predecessor the 964, but kept the curves that made the 911 a 911.

Never getting old.

But let’s stop all of this technical nonsense. Why do we love this car? Well first things first, we love the way it drives. You can drive it like any other modern car. It is easy to drive, fast, and so rewarding. The six-speed manual is precise and feels very solid. When stepping inside this car, you will clearly start to miss the 90s. From the smell of the leather seats to the infotainment that is inexistent, the 993 takes you back in time. A time when you didn’t need all that crap. So yes, times has changed. But people like the British rasta Magnus Walker have made us realized that we are missing the point. We don’t want you to be nostalgic. We just want you to know that there is good stuff out there, but it is not freshly out of the factory.

The last one.

This car is important. It reminds us of how cool cars used to be. I can already hear you all scream that there are still amazing cars produced today. There are. But you must admit that times have changed, and so has the focus. You will not drive a 991 like a 993. The philosophy is quite similar, but a certain soul is missing. So even though they tried to take a glimpse of the past with the 911R. It will never be the same.

993 in the wild.

993 in the Forest.

Not a Carrera 4, but no problem!

Porsche 911 Carrera

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