"Il Commendatore" died in 1988. The latest creation he ever laid his eyes on. Most of us would say it is a masterpiece. But...

Is there an even more iconic #Ferrari? This was the car you were playing with as a kid, or that you had on your wall. It is red, it looks like it’s going fast, it’s the F40.

Gordon Murray once said that the F40 is “like a big go-kart with a plastic body on it”. This criticism came out of the mouth of the man who invented the fastest car of its time, and one of the F40’s mightiest rival – The Mclaren F1. And he was not that wrong about it. It was a 1369kg body made from Kevlar, carbon fiber and aluminum. Inside, it is the same story. No gadgets, no gigantic iPad, nothing. That’s what we love about it. We hate the fact that it doesn’t have cup holders though.

It's all about horizontal lines!

It's all about horizontal lines!

Back in the days, the car was in the middle of an epic battle that came from England, and Germany. The Mclaren F1, and the Porsche 959. Just like today with the Porsche 918 Spyder, the 959 was all about new technologies. The F1 was in the same mindset as today’s P1. Being fast, and being the best on a track. And it seems that Ferrari have been practicing what they know best with the LaFerrari. Creating a car that gives you goosebumps. The car that doesn’t care too much about technologies, or gaining this 0.1 seconds per lap. It was engineered for people who love cars, not for those who like to tell off how fast they will never be able to go.

The car doesn’t care too much about technologies, or gaining this 0.1 seconds per lap.

Jonathan Yarden

So, is the F40 the car you want to take to a track? Yes, and no.
The F40 was the first ever production car to reach 200mph. So it’s going to be very fast. Still, it was not very good at handling. Chris Harris described it as a total hooligan. But you feel so connected to the car that you will be ready to forgive anything. The car was born on the 288 GTO’s ashes. Which was a car created for Group B in rally. As drivers and specators died all the time, they also killed this category. Ferrari dropped the rally car and created a supercar instead. Therefore, it is basically the same as the 288 GTO. V8, 2.9l, biturbo.
The turbo lag on this car is massive but the engine delivers such an enormous amount of boost that it makes it very fun to drive. A tiny bit violent too.

The F40 is maybe one of the lasts truly special cars out there. This 20 years old icon is the real thing. After all, it was the last Ferrari ever made under Enzo’s reign. And just for that, it makes it a rather special supercar.

Ferrari F40

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Perego Cars, situated in Switzerland, for giving me the opportunity to review and shoot this car.


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