The Last Fast Oldsmobile

Some info/history about the car, and stuff i have done to it. It's my never ending daily driver build.

3y ago

Okay, even as a gm diehard I knew of this cars existence but not its significance. I was looking for something that was cheap, made by Olds, and was fast for a daily driver, pretty hard list to start with so I went digging and researching which led me to this gem you see above. Enter the tenth generation oldsmobile 88 YES TENTH, starting in '49 ending in '99.

In 1996 the supercharged series 2 3800 l67 was released 240hp/280ftlb and very modifiable, it was an option for all the 96-99 lss's. However this motor/car combination is extremely difficult to find as most Olds buyers were 70 year old people and absolutely did not need/want the extra power and it required 91+ so it wouldn't knock itself into oblivion.

Onto its significance as the last fast Olds. They made some powerful shit back in the day, 455 BBO's were turning out 500 ftlbs of torque happily in the late 60's propelling cutlass's down the strip in the 14's, on polyglass tires. But as soon as emissions laws came into play. that was it, gone were the fast oldsmobile's essentially forever an 87 442 ran 16's. Enter the late 90's fwd lss running high 14's in the quarter mile bone stock, 0-60 6's. And once the 88 got the axe in 1999 so did the lss. And just like that they were gone, no more fast oldsmobiles ever.

luckily for me I found one with 100,000 well maintained km's that was essentially garage kept and rarely driven in winter months. I am the 3rd owner, the 2nd owner was a friend of the original owners grandson. He only had the car for 5 months before an idler pulley let go and left him stranded. He deemed it old an unreliable and it was on Kijiji, then in my possession soon after. The original owner worked at a gm dealer in Georgetown Ontario that's where it was serviced its entire life.

Into my driveway the car went and onto jack stands for the next 3 weeks while I fixed everything I knew would go wrong. Also modded it along the way because of what I was doing it just made sense to do it while I was in there.

the lower intake gaskets are plastic and dex cool destroys them when its not serviced, gm makes steel ones now so do some other aftermarkets changing those is priority #1 and I have done this job on two previous l67s I owned so its easy and straight forward. from there it was mostly changing all the idlers, the water pump looked suspiciously new(ish) so I choose to leave it be. Removed the broken a/c system, pump, lines, condensor etc. removed all the unnecessary things like engine lift mounts and plastic shit, factory air box, factory exhaust , all the evap stuff, charcoal canister yada yada, onto the mods.

Headers were the first to go on after stripping down the motor to the valley to the the lim gaskets. trans mount hits, grind away a 1/4 inch bingo. Next are the high ratio rockers 1.9 instead of 1.6 for more lift, torqued down with new TTY bolts and they are set . valve covers back on with new gaskets. Lim gaskets then lim, more torquing, blower back on with smaller pulley from previous build 3.4" from 3.8" extra 4 pounds of boost, but ends up making around 2psi more because of the flow increase from headers and exhaust. After that was the colder plugs copper al104's tried and true every 3800 guy uses them for a reason, they are cheap and work well at fighting knock, and to finish some nice taylor thundervolt wires. Put together a nice big free flowing bumper mounted intake with a monster 9" cone filter for getting clean cold air in the summer and remounted into the engine bay for the winter. the exhaust is 3" from the dp to a 3" spun hi flo cat and then 3" all the way to the back to a 3" dynomax ultraflo straight through with a stock looking turn down for oem appearance, other then the piping is enormous. The last step was the rad the OEM is about as thin as paper and the fans aren't great, installed a 3800 rad from the heavier g platform buick riviera which is about double the thickness as the lss rad. The fan I choose for the time being was just a simple low profile puller fan that works really well but is really loud. when it blows up, a nice dual setup will be re installed. The transmission gets a new filter, Dexron whatever VI fluid and some shift kit parts from the trans-go kit which makes the downshifts lighting quick and the up-shifts how they should have been. Quick but certainly not neck snapping tire chirping shifts.

Then it was time to drive and test, with my aeroforce hooked up scanning for knock and timing, and some fresh 94 octane some test pulls were done. Seeing no knock running around 15 degrees of timing wot with a stock pcm it was fast, like holy shit fast, I recorded a 0-60 time that night of 5.3 seconds on some stock 225 eagle rsa's. It needs a tune and needs to go to cayuga to see what it can run in the 1/4 mile. Should be 13's as i've won some races in mexico against 13 second cars. Sti's, Wrx's, 6.1 Srt's, gti's,si's,st's have all the felt the pain of being walked by a shitty 90's Oldsmobile.

With stang wheels 17x8 245/50/17 all around

With stang wheels 17x8 245/50/17 all around

will update more as i'm to lazy to continue writing.

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