The late Fast and Furious star's iconic Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R

It's up for sale.

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When we think about action thrillers, we easily lend onto the topic of cars and the one name that ubiquitously is blurted is the Fast and Furious series that has ignited the passion for cars and racing in us. We have loved the breathtaking scenes, fantastic dialogues and the cars that have featured in every sequel of the series without which it would have felt incomplete. Then one fine day suddenly, we mourned the loss of an actor whose contribution to the series was beyond our reckoning. Being depicted as a car nut in the movies, he was a real-life car enthusiast too.

Such was his endearing attitude for cars that he had a collection of these that we would want in our dream garage. One of those cars was his Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R which after being passed to several owners over these years, is once again up for sale.

But more than that, it is worth to know about how he got the R34. He became a part of the franchise in 2001 with the fictional character Brian O'Conner. When he came to the studio he was instantly captivated by the R32 GT-R which made him a JDM aficionado. After the filming came to a close, he was granted an R34 on loan following which he bought his own 1999 Skyline V-Spec in Sonic Silver that was prone to issues of colour fading away. So he treated himself with a white R34 V-Spec 2. Meanwhile, the silver horse got a new body kit, HKS intercooler and a carbon hood.

Then, the silver GT-R was bought by the next owner at an auction house and finally it went to in the hands of a reputed JDM specialist Top Rank Imports in California. This is where the car currently domiciles and is estimated by Lieberman at a valuation of USD 400,000. However, in case you wish to own the R34 GT-R, you will have to wait for US to make driving this car legal.


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