The Latest Episode Of The Grand Tour Contains A Subtle Tribute To 9/11

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The latest episode of The Grand Tour was very American. You had an American baseball player, a Ford GT and a race from America's largest city to one of its natural beauties. Not only was Jeremy Clarkson in my home country he actually spent some time in my home state of New Jersey. I really don't want to sound like a fan boy but it is cool to know at some point I was less than an hour away from Jermey Clarkson driving like a lunatic in an amazing car.

This was all well and good but the moment that will stick with me, that meant the most to me occurred at the 2:18 mark. The camera is panning across the New York City skyline. A skyline that growing up was always defined by the Twin Towers. It was during this panning shot of the Freedom Tower that 2 white bars flashed over the pictures. At first i didn't notice it but after watching it again it dawned on me. They were paying tribute to 9/11 and the Twin Towers.

On a show that isn't really known for its touching moments this was one and to whomever over at Amazon who was responsible I thank you .

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  • My little brother asked me what GT stood for in Ford GT and I told him Grand Tour. He believed me LOL.

    1 year ago
  • Whether the two white bars were a reference to the GT or to 9/11, it was lovely to see the USA profiled in the episode all around. Thanks GT :)

    1 year ago
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