The 'Legend' who left us but with great memories.

17w ago

The Legend who was a master of Formula 1. The person who was a genius (or should I say a 'master') in rain. The person who was on the top of his career and never looked back, even if he lose or crashed in any race. I think many of you would have guessed the name of this 'Legend '. Yess!!! I am talking about THE AYRTON SENNA FROM BRAZIL!!! The hero of Brazil. The god of the world of Formula 1. But, unfortunately this 'Legend' is not anymore in this world. I am sorry to say that and I know that you all also feel sorry for him. Because, I was his fan and who wasn't???? This person was an inspiration for the people. 19 MAY 1994, The day that no one would never forget. This day is so special for Brazilians. This day is also so special for fans of Formula 1 because, on this day, WE LOST A 'LEGEND'!!!!!!!!!!! I don't want to say anything now because I am so imotional. I WISH WE HAD SAVED HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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