The Legendary 10.000Rpm Judd V8 powered Mercedes 190

Reto Meisel´s former creation, the unique 550Hp/880Kg Naturally Aspirated Monster

One of the most recognizable Monsters ever of the Sport, it´s the Judd V8 powered Mercedes 190 of Reto Meisel, a spaceframed 870Kg machine, making use of a LMP derived Judd engine capable of over 550Hp/10.000Rpm.

Starting its Hillclimb Racing life as a former DTM machine, this 190 was developed gradually over a decade into the spaceframed, bewinged Monster that can be see in the video. The craziest modification performed was certainly swapping a Judd V8 engine originally built to power Sport-Prototypes ready to tackle Le Mans. Now one can only imagine how outrageous it was (and still is..) to see the Classic Mercedes 190 shape and then hearing a 10.000Rpm howling sound reverberating through the Mountains..

A Fan favourite for all these reasons, the big question then is if this Monster will ever return... Is there a possibility to hear this unique symphony once again driven in anger? Only time will tell...

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