The Legendary 850Hp Celica Pikes Peak on its Dramatic latest outing

Rod Millen and his record-beating Toyota Celica going to (and over) the limit at Rod´s own Motorshow

This one probably doesn´t need any kind of introduction but in any case, it is Rod Millen´s Toyota Celica Pikes Peak Version, true Motorsports Legends , multiple winners of Pikes Peak Hillclimb and still racing yealry on Mr Millen´s own motorshow: Leadfoot Festival on New Zealand.

As it can be seen, this time things didn´t go as smooth as intended, with a quite spectacular crash during the final Top 10 Run Shootout highlighting what was still a very strong performance, ( the duo was fighting for overall victory and were among the 4 Fastest Cars during the whole event). Powered by a 2.1L Turbocharged motor dubbed 503e (in this case a reworked unit of the engine present in another legendary Race cars, the Supra JGTC and Dan Gurney´s IMSA GTP Prototypes) producing upwards of 850Hp powering All four wheels, it is also an incredibly light machine, tipping the scales at only 880Kg. Such a low value is possible because this in in fact a tube chassis, carbon bodied Celica sillhouette ( easy to spot at the beginning of the video).

In 1994, this car posted what will stand as the All time record of Pikes Peak Hill Climb in its Full-dirt version with a 10:04:0. And in 1997 (from where the footage of the next video was taken) it almost surpassed it, missing only by 5 tenths of a second. This Monster is very the car that was consistently faster than the crazy Suzuki Escudo of Nobuhiro Tajima. And, as all Gran Turismo players can agree, that´s saying quite something. It ended up winning 3 different editions of the prestigious event ( 1994, 1996 and 1997 ), marking it as a true Legend of the North American Hillclimb event.

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Comments (3)

  • Toyota celica?? ....tubes, an engine and a plastic shell of some kind

      8 months ago
  • Playing with this car on Rallisport Challenge 2 was always good fun

      8 months ago
  • I hope it was driven by scotty :))

      8 months ago