The Leyton House CG901 is this week's Lego F1 car!

The 1990 Leyton House CG901 is most probably Adrian Newey's most beautiful design, even it it had little success on the track! #Lego #formula1

4y ago

The Leyton House CG901 will always be a striking car. A good deal of that is due to the fact that its design was full of angles and straight lines, an unusual thing in aero-dictated modern F1 car.

This aggressive and beautiful design is mad genius Adrian Newey's brainchild, but sadly didn't have the results of many of his other cars. A big part of that was due to uncompromising floor aerodynamics, that were very sensitive to the car's attitude in the corners, necessitating a very stiff suspension setup. This was partly fixed in the B-spec version of the car, introduced later in the 1990 season. It did produce some impressive performances, most notably at the French Grand Prix where it scored a 2nd place and was in a position to challenge for the win.

But again, Newey's uncompromising design philosophy and reliability issue stopped the CG901 from scoring the consistent performances it would need to move up the F1 ladder.

Newey was surprisingly fired from Leyton House that very summer. But he quickly got hired by Williams, where he formed a dominant design duo with Patrick Head, proving to be the main force of the field for the first half of the 1990s.

Despite its lack of success and Newey's following stellar career, I can't help but think that the CG901 remains his most beautiful creation. Its angular design and that bright livery assured the CG901 a place of choice in F1's history, despite an unremarkable racing history. A feat of its own!

This week was a very, very close vote, with the CG901 winning from the Brabham BT52 for just one vote! What will you guys choose for next week?

As always, I'll be posting full instructions on Square Cars by the end of the week. So if you want to build yours, stay tuned!

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