The life and Death of a V-strom 650

2y ago


My love for the DL650a V-strom is immense it is an excellent bike and a decent choice for a first adventure bike. Perfectly at home on the road and good enough to handle dirt back roads and fire roads at a medium pace. On the road, the turn in and throttle response are predictable as you would expect from a 650.

I’ve been riding 600s for a while but going down to a 650 was a good move for me. I was smoother and faster in the turns as a result, my best riding was done on the v-strom. It is fun to see how upset some people get when they see a 650 pass them with ease in the twisties while they are trying their hardest on a liter bike. I lived on the v-strom for 3 weeks during my north-eastern tour (expect some videos about that) 8-12 hour days and some camping through Maine. The trip of a life time more so for the ill-fated v-strom

The day I brought it home. Fresh from the crate. It was 30°F when I picked it up but i

I ride all year which is hard to do in the snow capital of America

Partially built up. but eady for adventure

In the abandoned Rochester subway system for a photo shoot. Fully built ready to go. (South Avenue Rochester, NY 43.153384, -77.607810

(David Gray Hill Road Geneseo, NY 14454 42.720129, -77.725375)

Not pictured: how gnarly the road got in the next few miles and my bike getting ready to break. (Fork Hill Rd North Bend, PA 41.4511317°, -077.6775267°)

THE DEATH OF THE V-STROM. (Fork Hill Rd North Bend, PA 41.4511317°, -077.6775267°)

OK, ok, so the V-Strom isn't really dead. Suzuki of America is replacing the frame under warranty. Zero hassle. I wont get it back until spring though. I really love this bike, and after spending months customizing it to my exact needs how could I not love it. I purchased the bike for almost $4,000 less than MSRP (brand new left over still in crate) and dumped all of that extra cash into accessories and parts.

Check back for updates on the V-strom and a video series on the East Coast Trip