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what are 'the lists'? the lists are comprehensive, tribe sourced, music for drivers. lists by genre, lists by mood, lists by type of car, etc.

4y ago

While in Beta, this site does not lend it self to publishing long lists or databases, but hopefully I will soon be able to give everyone access to the entire database of 42,000 songs. In the mean-time I will be publishing shorter 'top ten' lists of songs to consider adding to your own automotive playlists. Some you may know, some you may not.

One of the main LISTS is the worlds largest compilation of 'car songs' - specifically songs about cars, songs with a central theme of a car or cars, songs about driving, songs about working on cars, etc. etc. Currently at 1,742 songs this LIST is the largest I've seen anywhere (and I've looked). If there is a song that should be on this list but isn't please let me know!

As these LISTS are being prepped for publication please contribute your own favorite songs to listen to in your car. I will be posting the top ten favorites of as many of our Tribe Leaders as I can, so please contribute! Thanks!

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