The Liveries of Drift

24w ago


Liveries not only showcase sponsors and companies, they also shape the car to a certain degree. People often associate a certain livery with a team, a racecar, or even a driver. To be remembered by the fans it is important for the teams to have a nice and eyecatching livery. Iconic liveries from the very first days in motorsports are still in the head of people nowadays, thanks to the shapes and colors which were used. Combined with the outstanding performances of the cars and the drivers it will be well remembered.

But not everybody who just starts out in motorsports can afford a complete livery or wrapping of his car. But also smaller approaches in making a car unique with only stripes, stickers, or any other aid can define a distinguished look. Therefore I want to present some of the nicest liveries from the regularly held drift sessions in Weeze, Germany.

​Variety of stickers, icons, and type are used to define either the team name or sponsor name. The car gets wrapped with different colors, which for sure make it more unique and fascinating to look at. People sometimes come up with some traditional approach or also go totally different ways, for example the BMW with graffiti all over.

More known liveries are also seen in Weeze like a BMW presenting the classical Falken livery. This one may be known by many people around the world as the famous Falken Porsche are competiting in races like the 24h at the Nürburgring with this livery. Another more famous color scheme is the BMW M one. They have the iconic red and blue stripes to decorate the motorsports cars. This scheme is also used on some of the drift machines in Weeze.

​A variety of different cars and car shapes combined with the unique ideas of their owners, makes it always fascinating to discover new liveries, stickers, and car designs.

​But livery does not only look good on the car while it is standing or when you have a clear shot of it. Livery also does something in movement, it gives a way of form and color to the audience and can be perceived totally different. It creates illusions and plays with our perception, which can make it even more interesting and fascinating to look at it.

​© Christian Stengel, all images.