- Screenshot from “HWY an American pastoral”

The Lizard King and the Blue Lady

Jim Morrison’s 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500

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The Lizard King and the blue lady, is not a psychedelic tale out of a Lewis Carroll’s book, but the story of Jim Morrison, front-man of “The Doors” and his 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500.

We have two icons here, James Douglas Morrison, aka Jim, called also “The lizard king” And one of the beautiful creations of Carol Shelby.

This story begin in 1969, The Doors Lp and the song “ Light my fire” produced by Elektra Records, are on the top of musical’s charts, the band from Los Angeles, is sealing its name in Rock's history, thanks to the energy and obscure poetry of Morrison mixed with the hypnotic keyboards of Ray Manzarek, and the sheer talent of Robbie Krieger at the guitar and John Densmore at the drums. To celebrate the album's success, Jac Holzman, Elektra boss, decided to buy a present to each band’s component. Manzarek and Krieger went for musical equipment, Densmore choose a horse, Morrison choose 335 horses.

Photo credits - streetmusclemag.com

Photo credits - streetmusclemag.com

335 horsepower, erogated by a 458 Police Interceptor engine, fitted in a beautiful, Nightmist blue Shelby Mustang of 1967. Morrison fell in love with the Shelby Mustang after had seen the 350GT of Joe Sebring, his hairdresser, who will lately became famous for be one of the victims of the efferate massacre did by Manson’s family in Cielo Drive, Bel air.

Screenshot from “HWY an American pastoral”

Screenshot from “HWY an American pastoral”

Jac Holzman provided Jim a Shelby Mustang GT500, one of the early models with twin headlights placed in the middle of the front grill, which lately would be replaced in the next ones produced due to federal safety rules, the car was capable to do nought to sixty in 6,5 seconds, it mounted a four transmission and a dual quads Holley carbs. The interiors were of parchment instead of the usual leather and there was no air conditioning system and neither the classic Shelby white stripes on the bonnet. Powerful and beautifully trimmed, the GT500 costed twice the price of a regular Mustang, this model was made by Shelby Americans and only 2050 units were built.

Screenshot from “HWY an American pastoral”

Screenshot from “HWY an American pastoral”

Jim christened the car “The Blue Lady” but despite the name, he didn't treated the Mustang as a lady. Morrison addition to alcohol and drugs hardly made of him a good driver and the car had a few crash against intimated objects in the few years of his ownership. The Lady, as is possible to see in Jim’s experimental movie “HWY an American pastoral” was driven recklessly, pushed on hard terrains and used for do donuts.

No one knows what destiny had the Shelby after Morrison death in 1971, some says the car was seen for the last time in Los Angeles, where Jim, after had hit a telephone pole abandoned the car and went for a drink, then when he came back the Mustang was disappeared, probably sequestered by the police and put into an auction or totaled, as his ex bodyguard affirm this is the most probable hypothesis, other says the car was left in a storage lot while Jim went to Paris, and there remained after his death in 1971. No one would ever know, fact is Morrison’s car is still nowadays object of desire of many collectors.

The Blue Lady is lost, like the Lizard King, a rider on the storm, who lit many fires, loved madly, but you know people are strange, he broke on through the other side, and this is the end, my only friends, the end.

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