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I've spoken about the one weather constant in my area before, heat & humidity, numerous times. I'm quite sure you all are aware of how oppressive it is by now. The heat & humidity are biblical, like some Old Testament stuff, but I have only mentioned the other weather pain in passing: Rain. Mainly, because it hasn't really been a factor this month. June has turned out to be fairly dry, as far a weekends go. The threat of rain would plage this weekend, despite the fact that it never actually rained a drop on me at any time on Saturday. Just the thought of rain can be motivation enough for some gearheads to stay home & that threat is probably what's to blame for relatively low turnout to Cruise-Ins on Saturday. Anyway, I'm sure that's enough about the weather, on to this weeks Cruise-In!

This is one of the nicest cars I came across all weekend. A '55 Ford Crown Victoria

This is one of the nicest cars I came across all weekend. A '55 Ford Crown Victoria

This week after I finished up at the '49-'59 Ford Mercury Association Convention in Pigeon Forge, TN (look for that story coming soon) I stopped in to the Crossville, TN Cruise-In. Held on the 4th Saturday of the month, this was the first time I had ever attended this meet. Crossville is about 44 miles away from my house, so I've always considered this Cruise a little too far away for me to attend. I was passing through the town while it was going on & I decided to stop. It turns out that Crossville puts on a pretty good event even with the threat of rain.

Streets of Rods

These 4 Street Rods, didn't mind the possible water. The black '29 Ford Model A truck is a great example of a super clean Street Rod & proof that Rods don't have to have a V8 to be cool. The little truck was sporting a V6. Next up, another '29 Ford, but this one is a 2-door sedan. This little cruiser is sporting a V8, with a Mustang 2 front suspension & headers with glasspacks. The next two '46 Fords show just how different a car can look, even when they start off the same. The red coupe has been modified a little, while the silver coupe remains pretty much the way it did from the factory. I didn't look in the engine compartment of the silver coupe, but after I heard it start up and drive off, I have no doubt it was a Street Rod. Stock Flathead Ford engines sound great, but they do not sound like what I heard coming from that machine!

Odd Balls:

Early MGs are a rare sight here in my part of the States. This red MG was in excellent condition & is without a doubt the nicest example I have ever seen. Of all the cars to have made it this far in life who would have thought a 4-door Studebaker Lark would make it? This is the ONLY one of these I have ever seen that wasn't rusted, wrecked & in need of crushing. Likewise, this blue Henry J has to have been one of the only cars of its kind to have never been turned into a drag car. If it was a drag car and the owner went to the trouble of putting it back stock, then I applaud him or her, they've done a fabulous job.

Odder Balls

The Shoebox Ford '49 - '51 tribe may be the only tribe on DRIVETRIBE to have thousands of post & not one of them include a Porsche. Well now I've done it and lets all move on. I have nothing against the German bully, in fact I own a 944. I know, it's not a real Porsche. I wish someone would tell the parts people that, because the little Bosch boxes are really expensive. By the way, this seems like a good point to ask, do any of you have a good spare DME for a '83 944?

My picks for top four of the Cruise:

This little red '40 Ford pick up truck makes an absolutely perfect shop truck. While the green Dodge Power Wagon, is the craziest thing I've seen in a long time. The red '55 Crown Vic, from earlier, was a nice Street Machine, but this two-toned blue '55 Crown Vic is a Antique(stock) beauty. The Camaro is a prime example of what I was talking about last week. The 2nd generation Camaros are just a nice as the 1st gen and are only beginning to go up in price.

My Pick for Best in Show:

This Chevrolet Acadian, (Canadian for Chevelle) was beyond clean. Other than sporting some new Rocket Racing wheels & a modern A/C compressor, the car was completely stock. While this is a nice car, the shocking part happens when you look under the hood. Yes, that's a 427 big block with 3, 2 barrel Rochester carburetors! Grab a 6er of Moleson, ya Hoser! We're late for the hockey game, eh! This is a definite cool car & worthy of the title Best Daily Driver!

Super nice 1st Gen Corvette.

Super nice 1st Gen Corvette.

A month of Cruise-Ins

I happen to like Cruise-Ins more than car shows. Because Cruise's are not typically very structured, they allow everyone to arrive at their own pace, look at cars, talk with owners & then head out when they are ready. This will let you see a lot of different cars come and go at every Cruise. Shows usually require you to check in at a certain place and do things in a structured manner. When you are talking about a show with over 500 cars that structure makes things go better & it's needed, but it can start to feel a little herd like. The main reason I like Cruises has to do with the cost of attending. I've spent about $100 attending 4 different Cruises this month. In contrast, some large shows can cost you as much as $100 just to get into the gate. That doesn't take into account fuel prices, food prices & the largest expense of all, hotel costs. It is easy to spend over a $1,000 on a 4 day show. Personally I'd rather spend that grand on my car.

The only Mustang at the Cruise.

The only Mustang at the Cruise.

I usually only attend one or two large shows a year & I try to only spend 1 or 2 days at them. Shows put on by large promoters are great & they allow you to see a large variety of different cars. They also allow you to speak with automotive vendors and those vendors usually have special show pricing. Both are good things & worth a couple of days, plus I think it's good for the general public to see Gearheads really are normal people, but the best bang for your buck usually happens at Cruises & smaller shows.

The next large show I will attend this year. Look for The Local Scene to return for a couple of stories this fall.

The next large show I will attend this year. Look for The Local Scene to return for a couple of stories this fall.

I hope over this 4 part series you have a pretty good idea of what the automotive scene is like in my small area. The Local Scene will return in September to show you the crazy world of Rat Rods. If you don't know what that is, don't worry I'll fill you in before the show. In the meantime, look for my coverage of the '49 - '59 Ford Mercury Association, coming soon. Of course, be sure to check out the Kustom Spotlight photo stories, that come out daily. Content here on the Shoebox Ford '49 - '51 tribe is only gonna keep on coming, so you Keep on Cruisin'!

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