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The longest and the most controversial rant on drivetribe.

Also this is all my opinion. Take this with a grain of salt.

Ok first thing first: the mk4 poopra, miura are very overrated, It's fine to like those cars but the miura is quite good looking but not that good looking, i've seen people say It's the most beautiful car ever made left and right, It doesn't even come close to the most beautiful cars ever made.

The singer dls Is very overpriced. No need to explain, 1.8 million for a 911 restomod is too much, Idc If it has an engine with f1 tech, just buy a 600k ruf that is better in every single way. I undestand the Appeal of it, but i still prefer A 9ff or a ruf.

Tesla is underhated, here's why: There are far better evs out there, They absolutely terrible build quality, They are usually driven by the biggest fuckers on the road, aka prius drivers, also only like 10 people on dt seem to hate them.

A few small things.

the new x7 and the ix and the 3 and 4 series are the fugliest cars on sale.

Middle eastern countries are usually the best for carguys to live there, gas is sighty more expensive than water

Hating on a car just because it's ugly or saying it's overrated because it's ugly is stupid unless u know nothing about it.

toyota has the most toxic fanbase of car manufacturers from asia, lambo and maserati from europe.

Greta tunberg is bad because the way she delivers he messege.

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