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The Lucid Air has been REVEALED... and it's AMAZING!

Details about the new Lucid Air electric sedan, said to rival Tesla's range

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Lucid has been in the news recently for a race between their new sedan, the air and the Tesla Model S, the fastest electric sedan to date. In this race, the Lucid...won. And you can just imagine the chaos at Tesla. Because to date, no other company has gotten even close to Tesla in any way, range, speed or even luxury to some extent. But Lucid promises to change that. They say in the beginning of their reveal video that their car will be better than the range, luxury, sportiness and more of rivals. So, what are the specs and how does it compare?

The reveal video for the Lucid Air was beautifully designed. It started with the CEO saying remarks about the car. Then it turns over to the employees, which always brings out the human side of us. It shows them as pictures of small kids, where they start their journey in life. There was a great quote from the narrator of the film, "It doesn't matter where you start, but where you dream". This quote has a hidden meaning. The car has a luxury trim level called dream, but nevertheless, a great quote, and it shows how hard this company worked to get from the ground, to potentially rival the biggest EV manufacturer, Tesla. They want to take the electric vehicle to the next level, and if what they say is true about the specs and such, I think they've done it.


The design was meant to make it the sleek, beautiful and luxurious. "Something that would just flow through the air without being overly aggressive" "...Simplify the vehicle down to its core essence... The car really just has one line that goes all around". This car is simply beautiful. It has clear lines, simple but elegant headlights and taillights. It looks sporty but it obviously favors luxury over sportiness. That can be seen on the interior as well. It looks clean and comfortable. One screen, for the gage cluster and the infotainment. You can see one more for climate control and that's it. It's very similar to the Tesla Model 3, meant to be a clean dashboard. There are wood and chrome accents with the blacked out climate vents, which is just simple and again... beautiful. Fabric on the side of the passenger and driver footwells and a nice chrome centre console. The rear trunk closes on the sides, helping to make the taillight on piece and not broken up. That makes it so seamless, like the rest of the car. This is a bit away from the topic of this section but it still helps with the design, the drivetrain. Since the motors and battery are so much more compact comared to the internal combustion engine and gas tank, it helps move the seats down, create more room inside the cabin, make a frunk and make the rest of the car look smaller than it feels on the inside. This is excellent design and makes drivers feel that the car is more nimble and easy to part, adding to the sportiness and the practicality, respectively. The gage cluster and screens are not meant to be the biggest, or the biggest quantity or any other record breaking thing, just to be simple and practicale. It was optimized to be in reach of the driver, but not too close to make it feel like it's falling in on them. They were put there for functinality, but could not break the main design of the Air, open air feel. The trunk and frunk both have double decker storage, bigger items for the top and smaller items for the bottom. And the frunk (according to Lucid), is the biggest frunk fitted to any electric car EVER. You also may have noticed but the front seats are meant to be sporty and for the drive, making it darker, but the back is white, symbolizing luxury and comfort. If this were to be a luxury taxi, this would work great, but I personally think that a car should be sporty or luxury in interior design, not both. But it was a great concept idea, and definitely haven't seen this on any other car. There will also be an executive seating option for the back seat, making it more luxury. All of the pictures for these things will be at the bottom of this section. Even though the Air is a modern, techy sedan, they want to find the right balance between analog and digital. This means you will find a lot of touch interfaces in the car, but also a few buttons and dials through out. Now that's something Tesla has gone too much to the digital side, and I'm glad Lucid has addressed it. You can also use both screens to show apps. When you swipe down on an app on the top screen, it moves to the bottom screen on top of the climate control controls. Now, let's move on the drivetrain, something that should be revolutionary, or even Tesla killing... But before that, what is the dream edition?

Dream Edition

Badge used on interior of the Dream Edition of the Lucid Air sedan

Badge used on interior of the Dream Edition of the Lucid Air sedan

The Dream Edition of the Air sedan is meant to be the top tier model of the Lucid Air. It is meant to be a bit darker but also have the quality woods, leathers and metals that you want in a luxury vehicle. It was developed in Santa Monica, California, and the interior is inspired by the lighting of the area. The interior is very grey and there is a reason for that. It was inspired by the lighting conditions when the sun is not up yet, the mist all around against the rocky side of the cliff by the ocean. Very peaceful, quiet and beautiful, all things the Dream edition aims to be.

The coast at Santa Monica, California. This is the time and place where the Dream Edition of the Air Sedan was inspired from.

The coast at Santa Monica, California. This is the time and place where the Dream Edition of the Air Sedan was inspired from.

Specs, Battery and Motor, and Powertrain

Battery and motor design- Lucid

Battery and motor design- Lucid

Anyone can put a huge battery in and get a huge range. What we want to do is create smart range.

Peter Rawlinson (CEO & CTO)

So, we arrive at the big part, the range and drivetrain. this is the part that is supposed to be best in class, better than Tesla and groundbreaking. But will it?

So Lucid's goal with the drivetrain is to minimize the capacity of the battery and focus on efficiency to get a better range. With this comes our first statistic, the Lucid Air sedan is 15% more efficient than the nearest competitor, which we can assume is the Tesla Model S. This is amazing since Tesla has always led the industry with energy efficiency in their vehicles. This gives the Air 500+ miles (804.6 km) of range. This is also record breaking, because the car with the best range that is currently in production is the Tesla Model S with a 404 miles (650.1 km) of range. And Lucid has achieved this with a smaller battery than rivals would need for the same range, according to the company. The energy efficiency is measured in how many miles you can get per Kwh of energy. Both the Lucid Air and the Tesla Model S have an efficiency around 4 miles/kwh. But Lucid says that's an estimate, and that the efficiency is likely greater. Another part of the battery is that it is sculped. This helps increase interior space and help the air flow around the vehicle better, increasing efficiency and decreasing wind noise. The battery also has 300 KW fast charging (in line with the fastest charging in the industry) compared to Tesla's 250 KW max. And the architecture of the battery is designed for 900V. Another focus that Lucid has for the vehicle is the BMS software (Battery Management software). This helps increase efficiency and maximize range. Every electric cars has it, but Lucid claims that theirs is better, but provided no proof for it. So we will have to see in the future. And another reason the batteries are the best in the industry is that Lucid has been in Formula E. They have another division that supplied all the batteries for the opening event. They have tested the batteries in extreme environments like these and had no major failures. Many of the design characteristics and cooling comes back to the Lucid Air, making sure the battery will not catch fire and maximizing battery/ motor power output. Lucid motors has also partnered with Electrify America to bring more 300 KW chargers to consumers and for better integration systems. All owners will also receive 3 years of unlimited charging on the electrify America charge network, fast or slow.

Now to the motors, Lucid has attracted engineers from Tesla and other companies to make sure they have the best motor in the business. The motor, transmission, differential and inverter are one, similar in size to a Tesla motor. Each motor has 600 hp. With the 3 motor variant, the car will have more than 1000 hp. 1 motor weights about 73 kg. Lucid says the car will do the quarter mile in a sub- 10 second time, which will rival supercars! And the 0-60 MPH time is... >2.5 seconds! That's amazing for a luxury sedan.

Other Features

There are many other features that the car has. One really useful one is bi- directional charging. This type of charging system unlocks a lot of freedom and security for the home. Say there is a power outage in the night, and you don't have a Tesla Powerwall or such, the Lucid Air sedan will act as a much larger Tesla Powerwall. How this works is that the charger and the cars systems can send out a charge to the home and also send power to the car to charge it when it needs to charge, making it extremely smart and gives peace of mind of the home and car owner. The other benefit of this is that there will be no diesel generator on a diesel van to charge your car if you get stranded. Another Lucid Air can charge your car if you run out, not that you should, with such a huge range. Your car can act as a home battery system in emergencies but if you want a battery all the time, than Lucid is developing a home battery system that will have the same efficiency as the car battery and will rival the Tesla Powerwall.

Production of the Lucid Air starts in Spring 2021. So order soon here. And this article took me a very long time to write, with a lot of research and more, so a bump (and maybe an award) would be nice. Thanks for reading.

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  • Finally, we see a true luxury BEV with luxury level specs and comforts that might actually make it to the real world.

      10 days ago
    • Tesla has been the best in range and luxury so far in BEV's and I'm glad someone is rivalling them because that makes them do better and every other company with the magic of capitalism.

        9 days ago