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The Lukas Version of the automotive beauty pageant that's been going around

Also known as 'Ten of the prettiest cars ever built, in my opinion'

8w ago

Before we get started, I would like to clarify that I was under heavy influence of sleep while writing this article and would like to be peacefully excused if I throw some unnecessary ice at the E-Type or any Rolls. Just know that I fully mean it and we'll call it a day, hm? Coolio.

Now, beauty blah blah subjective blah blah blah something blah blah. Idk. Whatever; let's just get started. WARNING: this list is not in an ascending order or a descending one and is entirely my opinion so you might get lost on the fact that whether the author has taste or not.

Starting off; the DeTomaso P72

Yeah, I played the first card safe. Do I regret it? No. Gives y'all some eye candy to let you know that this list is, actually, going to be good. It's like a better, more modern and more elegant looking version of the Ferrari 330 P4 which was already a beauty pageant winner, as said by Batman.

More safe bets; the C2 Corvette

While the one in red, is my ideal spec and build, I included a classic split-window coupe for those of you with taste and an unwavering affinity for purity. Idiotic, I say but then again I preferred Green Lantern to the Hulk movies. Toilet emoji.

This is yet another car that bests the Cheetah E-Thingy in the aesthetics department from the same era and yet it goes rather unappreciated- a petition, y'all, I say

Unpopular but eh; the Audi RS E-Tron GT

Hi, Ethan :D

Hi, Ethan :D

Choosing the E-TRON GT over the Taycan was a no-brainer because of the lack of 'sideburns' the latter possesses. Plus, just look at those curves, broooooooooo!

Ready your drool buckets; the Singer 911 Targa



Mkay so while I'm not really a fan of this generation of 911, I will admit Singer worked quite a good bit of magick here making this way better than any overrated, worthless grand tourer from Leopard.

That drool bucket better still be there; the Bentley Continental GT



*mind is literally blank but ok*

*slaps roof of car*

tHiS bAd BoY lOoKs bEtT-

Out for something's blood; the DeTomaso Pantera

I totally didn't cry over the fact that it's just a render

I totally didn't cry over the fact that it's just a render

Another thing hailing from the 60s or 70s (ish) that looks better than the E-Type. I mean, seriously, what more proof do you need? I won't be making whole exhibits, Your Honour.

On a serious note, however, I'd say the Pantera looked miles better than any mid engined supercar of the time- barring the Miura, though because obviously.

It doesn't get much more majestic than this; the Blower Bentley

Long live the queen, yessir

Long live the queen, yessir

Psst, fun fact: that 18 on the livery is to symbolize that this car is 18+ content. Oh wait, it's illegal for me to look at it. That backfired.

Ok so I lied, it does get more majestic than that; the Aston Martin DB11

โ€‹Don't mind me being obsessed with red grand tourers

No substitute for raw bruteness; the Mustang Boss 429

Aphrodite, is that you?

Aphrodite, is that you?

Muscle cars are gorgeous and anyone who says otherwise probably even prefers Superman over Batman; monsters. BUT you didn't hear that from me- wink wink.

(Peeka)Boo, baby; the Alpina B3 Touring

I see you and I don't wanna stop

I see you and I don't wanna stop

Whoa, Lukas, that was unexpected.

Well, you can't really blame me. I'm an avid lover of longroofs and and Alpinas. Mix them together, voila; the B3 Touring. It has an aura that makes me scream bloody 'WANT' every time I look at it. If the Boss 429 is Aphrodite, this has to be Psyche (*mythology nerdiness flex*)

Unfortunately, this post now comes to an end.

Because I'm Batman.

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