The Lumma Design CLR X7 is... Something else...

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A lot of people seem to like the BMW X7. Why wouldn't they? It's a big SUV with the BMW badge and the promise of the famed BMW drive. Sure, it has a big kidney grille like the latest crop of BMWs, but that's a small piece of controversy in an otherwise fairly restrained car. But what if you want something a bit more, well, lairy?

If that's what you're after, then Lumma Design have the answer for you and what an answer it is! The CLR X7 is a tuned and visually re-designed version of the X7. As is expected from a Lumma vehicle, it's got a bodykit that takes subtlety and slaps it in the face. There's a lot of carbon fibre too, including a carbon fibre bonnet complete with a hood scoop for good measure! 24 inch wheels come as standard on this suburban bad boy cruiser, as does a stainless steel sports exhaust system. According to Lumma themselves, the interior is capable of being "an elegant VIP lounge or alternatively a cockpit with motorsport flair.” I don't 100% know what that means, but it's probably going to be something awesome nonetheless.

It also comes in blue, apparently...

Don't think that this car is all show and no go, however. The X7 M50i's 4.4 twin turbo V8 has been breathed upon via an ECU remap. Along with the sportier exhaust system, that means there's a significant power hike up to 680 hp from the standard car's 523. The 155 mph top speed limiter's also been taken off - however fast the CLR X7 is without the limiter is uncertain, but I wouldn't be surprised if it can nudge its way past 180 mph without much bother.

So, why would you buy this and, most importantly, who would? Well, there's always a healthy market of middle eastern oligarchs who are after the most unique vehicles. There's also the typical market of sportspeople with money to burn and a statement to make. Either way, somebody will make good use of such an outlandish piece of engineering.

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  • Everytime I see a new Bimmer with the hideous front grill, I can't get this out of my head - the convenience store Buc-ee's mascot.

    19 days ago
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  • I have never understand the fast SUV, if you want a fast car pick a proper one and there are plenty that are practical too. What's the point of taking a SUV, lower it and make it look like an B5 Alpina on steroids.

    16 days ago
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