The Lykan HyperSport from Fast & Furious 7 is up for auction

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4w ago

This is a Lykan HyperSport supercar, and it isn’t.

It is, in the sense that it has all the badges and is moulded in the shape of that extraordinarily rare, Middle Eastern supercar. But also it very much isn’t, because it’s made out of aluminium and fibreglass and gets a 240bhp flat-six and was designed to be catapulted through buildings, not preen on a high street.

Yep, it’s a stunt car. Specifically, the very last stunt car of 10 built for a little-known movie called Fast & Furious 7.

During the course of this movie, the Lykan is subjected to considerable mistreatment – even sent flying through UAE skyscrapers – which meant the stunt team needed quite a few HyperSports to use. We spoke to the film’s car co-ordinator Dennis McCarthy back in 2015, and he told that the stunt repLykans used Porsche Boxster flat-six engines.

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