The M3 Swapped Volvo 240 GL

In today's Episode, Stefan Pfister will introduce us to his Veemer,

27w ago

In today's Episode, Stefan Pfister will introduce us to his Veemer, the name given to Volvos that have been modified with BMW engines. In his case, the Volvo 240 GL got no less than the legendary S50B30 engine from the E36. This was still installed in his old E30 car.

He had seen the car in Bourbonnais at a Trackday, after an engine failure Stefan bought it from Wüdi of the Chickenhill drifters. After a Volvo 16V swap and countless broken transmissions, it was clear to Stefan that he would have to give the Volvo a new concept in order to have fun with it in the long run. Thats the part where his old E30 Car comes into the game. This E30 was equiped with the M3 Engine from the E36 teh S50B30. Stefan decided to swap the engine into the Volvo.

At last he explained his idea which he is now implementing in practice which is very interesting for all drifters with M engines and Alpha / N management. From the hospital bed he constructed in CAD intake trumpets that can be mounted with a simple air filter. So you do not have to invest thousands of dollars in a carbon airbox, but can still drive with air filter for engine protection.

Bellow its the link for the video

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  • I’d could read about builds like this all day long...better than all these goofy hyper cars... good efforts

      6 months ago
  • Strange looking 240 lol.

      6 months ago
  • Sick and tired of supercars really.

    Old stuff is interesting stuff.

      6 months ago