The man in black-Cadillac XT6 Midnight Edition is here

It is available exclusively for its buyers in the UAE.

37w ago

Manufacturers are in a constant operose task ensuring that their product continues to stay relevant and fresh in the face of cut-throat competition. Every now and then we hear about a manufacturer giving either an engine transplant to its reasonably old model or bringing a facelift to be in the game. While the XT6 has had neither of the above, to spice things further, offer exclusivity to the potential customers of this rarefied segment and mutilate the competition, this seven-seater SUV is now available with 'Midnight Edition' which gets dark treatment all over the car for a menacing stance.

Interested? It is available only on the Premium Luxury model and boasts of black accents on the exterior for the doors, wing mirrors, bumpers, door handles and grille. Such is the attention to detail that even the wheel nuts have been painted in black. The 20" black aluminium alloy wheels also do their bit to impart a meaner look. These enhancements to the exterior elevate the appeal of the already striking car but also lends a pinch of sportiness. To protect the sheer resplendence of this black shade, Cadillac is also offering paint protection from Zilon.

The same dark treatment has been carried on the inside as well with black leather stitching on the dashboard and seats, gloss-black varnishing of wood on the dash and silver embellishments on doors, dash and steering wheel. It also gets a purple ambient lighting feature which gives the cockpit enticing appeal. As a complementary and distinguishing feature, buyers are also entitled to window tinting from 3M.

As the XT6 comes as a luxe alternative to the Chevrolet Traverse and the GMC Acadia, it is loaded with tech to the brim besides being comfortable to the apex. The connected car tech which is very much in vogue, is being offered with the XT6 that is the keystone for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. One also gets spoiled with the premium sound thanks to the speakers from Bose which allows to tweak the acoustics for every corner and occupant of the car. In addition to these, panoramic sunroof, touchscreen interface, memory seats with ventilation and a multitude of storage spaces makes for a sizable feature list.

As this is only a cosmetic overhaul, there are no mechanical augmentations given to the car. Therefore, it continues to use the powerful 3.6-litre V6 engine that produces 310 hp and 367 Nm of torque mated to a suave 9-speed automatic gearbox for a refined and fuel efficient ride. When not required, the cylinder deactivation technology switches off 2 cylinders to enhance the fuel economy further.

The XT6 can be had with either the standard Premium Care or the Premium Care Plus plan which extends the warranty to 5 years in all for trouble free protection and maintenance of the car. In case the car ticks all the right boxes for you and feel that it gives you bang for your buck, you also have the option to avail it through the brand's digital platform in the UAE, Shop.Click.Drive which also entails live chat with company execs, 360-degree viewing of the car, online finance options and contactless delivery, an essential requisite for some in these times doomed by the Coronavirus outbreak.

The XT6 through this edition, adds more flavors to the options and brings with it, bling that can attract eyeballs in a matter of seconds. With an extensive gismo list, vehement powertrain options, seating for seven and electronic all-wheel drive hardware, it is a versatile everyday and weekend companion that's hard to ignore.

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  • Damn, cool.

      8 months ago
    • Yeah, this thing actually looks great. What I have noticed is blackened bits on most cars lend a very special character. It works wonders for manufacturers who want to keep things lively for customers without spending much on cosmetic...

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        8 months ago