The man who made James May's face do this is live on DriveTribe today

The original Hoonigan Ken Block will be answering YOUR questions, live at 5pm GMT today

3y ago

Remember the guy who scared James May stiff on Top Gear a few years back?

Ken Block was the lunatic that threw our very own Captain Slow sideways around an airfield, dodging moving aircraft, fire engines and ducking in and out of hangers along the way.

“No! No! Goodbye viewers!” Came the plaintive cry from May as he was thrown around Ken’s self-designed playground.

That was a few years ago - though it’s still not clear if May has recovered - and now Kenny from the Block is a genuine global phenomenon.

The stunt driver, rally star and general automotive Hoonigan has shot to worldwide fame thanks to his Gymkhana videos, where Ken speeds around crazy courses in a cloud of tyre smoke and awesomeness.

And today, he will be LIVE on DriveTribe ready to answer your questions in a video chat right here at 5pm GMT (which is 10am PDT).

Want to know how he started this crazy obsession? Or how many tyres he gets through in a day? Or whether he’s ever scared a passenger as much as he scared James May?

Get your questions in here, and be sure to be there at 5pm GMT when Ken will be live to answer them.

And if you need another reminder of his unique talents, here he is on a gentle sightseeing tour around London’s landmarks with Matt Le Blanc.

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  • I loved drift! It so fun, so unusual, you only listen how it sounds and flying sparks of fire...The cars draw notes on the roads from different shapes of unforgettable drive...

      3 years ago
  • wow

      3 years ago
  • That video was arguably one of the finest. Visually stunning! Worthy of awards 💕

      3 years ago
  • The look on James' face is epic!

      3 years ago
  • great!!1 and first comment

      3 years ago