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So many special edition 500's

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Fiat have presented us with average cars for most of their lifespan, however the have given us a few gems to remember, such as the Dino coupe and the Fiat coupe 20V turbo.

There is one car that has always had a presence in Fiat's lineup for a long time and is still around today, the Fiat 500. For the record I actually quite like Fiat as a brand, but let's be honest, they know their audience well for this one and know how to exploit them quite well.

So Fiat 500 Twitter, sit back and drool over what could be your next used purchase as we run through some of the special edition 500's that we have been presented with over the last few years.

Fiat 500 Gucci edition

If there is anything to say Fiat know how to exploit their younger audience, it really is this car. Fiat and Gucci collaborated to create this, it had two paint jobs, Gucci white and Gucci black. The car could only be bought online and was Fiats most expensive model at the time sitting pretty at £15,765 for the 0.9 twin air variant.



You got metallic paint, chrome body trim, 16 inch alloy wheels, stop start, Bluetooth, steering wheel with audio controls and a hefty price tag!

Engine options: 1.2l 68 hp, 0.9cc 85 hp

Used price range: £5,000-£8,000

Fiat 500 GQ

This was Fiat's attempt to get rid of the stigma that the 500 was a girls car. Aimed at the younger men this car came in a two tone paint job of ' Groove metal grey' and 'Crossover black' which makes it look a bit like a footballers wash bag to be quite honest.

The car came with Sport 16 inch alloy wheels and inside you got leather seats with some stylish orange stitching, along with Bluetooth and voice recognition and a sporty steering wheel. GQ badges are splashed over the car. But as with the Gucci, big brands come with big prices and the GQ was no different. Ranging from £13,110 for the 69bhp 1.2-litre up to £18,330 for the 1.3-litre MultiJet diesel. It was also available as a convertible.

Engine options: 1.2l 69 hp, 0.9cc 85 hp and later a 105 hp edition , 1.3l 94 hp multi-jet diesel

Used price range: £5,490- £7,300

Fiat 500 Ron Arad edition

This really is a questionable one. This car came in black paint but had white graphics overlaid of the original Fiat 500. It's interesting to see the difference in size and it is a quirky idea, but surely you would get fed up of driving round with that plastered over your car.

It was a well kitted car coming as standard with a glass sunroof, Poltrona Frau black leather seats with ivory trim, a seven-inch TFT instrument panel, Blue&Me connectivity, a leather steering wheel with remote controls, automatic climate control system, front fog lights and 16-inch alloy wheels.

Customers who bought this car new would also receive a 1:18 scale model of the car just in case you forgot how outrageous the real thing looked. Prices started at £16,000.

Don't worry though because most of the used ones have had the graphics stripped off of them, which is a real bonus as it is a very well equipped car.

Engine options: 1.2l 69hp only

Used price range: £6,750-£7,500

Fiat 500 vintage edition

This was a car that was quite popular, and I can see why. It was created in homage to the original Fiat 500 and you're made aware of this by some of the styling features.

16 inch wheels with a retro design, retro Fiat logos on the car and a wide front lip reminiscent of the original car. The car actually made use of sports suspension and has a sports mode which slightly remaps the throttle.

Inside is a very trendy place with lovely leathers seats with nice stitching, a leather steering wheel and metal gear knob, it looks like it'd be an extremely comfortable place to sit.

Engine options: 1.2l 69 hp, 0.9cc 85 hp

Used price range: £5,600 to £7,500

Now there are many more Fiat 500 special editions out there but these are the main ones that caught my eye. So if you're out there riding your horse round the estate pondering what your next used car could be, I hope you've now got a comprehensive list to think about.

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Comments (10)

  • So many additions that I had no idea existed. Interesting stuff boys!

      2 years ago
  • This is a great article about one of my favourite/dream cars!,everything about it is so well-designed and cute,inside and out.And never underestimate these little gems!,because you’re in for a surprise...I would personally go for the 500 Vintage edition,because it seems classy and chic,especially the interior,such a Lovely hardback to the original.Thank you so very much the article.😊👍🏻XX

      2 years ago
    • No worries, yes that would have to be our favourite too. An up to date car with little reminders of the original car, as you say very chic!

        2 years ago
  • The only edition i remember getting in South Africa was the “Diesel” line and the Ferrari version which is very cool, but second hand, they still demand £22000+

      2 years ago
  • I had a 2015 500 Sport. The model I would have liked the most was the reliable and durable one. To be fair, it had to deal with New York City's terrible streets for a year, and the Sport rides low and hard. I gave up after 3 years and only 18,000 miles of electrical problems.

    I'd take the original 500, preferably the Abarth, in a heartbeat. Sometimes simpler is better.

      2 years ago
  • I know a tribe that will like this feature could i repost it to them

      2 years ago