The Maserati MC20 will drop tomorrow

In-house V6, carbon fibre chassis. Who's excited?

The long-awaited spiritual successor to the mythological Maserati MC12 is going to be revealed tomorrow (September 9) and it's fair to say the Italian manufacturer is really swinging for the fences with this one.

It's been a long time coming not just because the MC12 was unveiled 16 years ago but also because Maserati has been carefully building up momentum and anticipation for the upcoming sportscar. And it worked.

They first released teaser images in November 2019 and after testing prototype mules near Modena, Venice, Bologna, Florence and Milan* in Italy, they revealed the name MC20 on 20-02-2020 at 20:20 hours. Now, that's a masterful marketing stunt.

The engine is the key talking point with the MC20 because instead of using Ferrari-sourced engines like they've often done, this is going to be the first Maserati with in-house built engine. Maserati shared high quality photographs of the engine a few weeks ago and it looks rather splendid. It's a 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6, 100 % made in Modena, with a power output of 630 hp and a cool name: they've called it the 'Nettuno'.

The 630 horses located in the middle of the car right behind the seats should easily move the car with ease and speed because the MC20 is built with a carbon fibre chassis. Rumour has it there's going to be a hybrid version will a small 48-Volt unit and an old-fashioned petrol only version, but we're going to have wait around 24 hours to find out for sure.

This is a big deal for Maserati, a make-or-break moment for a variety of reasons. It's very difficult to build a car like this in the modern world, it's even more difficult to make it profitable and it certainly takes courage to venture into uncharted territory not just because they decided to build their own engine from scratch but also because Maseratis have always been front-engined.

*the middle finger statue was created by Alessandro Cattelan, a controversial artista from Italy, and it's located right in front of the Milan Stock Exchange. As you can imagine, this is no coincidence.

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