The matchbox top-gun five pack: stuffed with great cars

This Top Gun five-pack has some excellent machines that I will be ranking and reviewing today!

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5. Swing Wing Fighter Jet

Because the five-pack's theme is for the upcoming film Top-gun Maverick, Matchbox included a fighter jet. The top of the jet has a metal body with glass painted blue with black paint on the outer section of it. The wings are plastic, but what is cool is that the two main wings flip outward or can close in. So overall the jet is pretty neat, however the scale is clearly horrendous!

My Swing Wing

My Swing Wing

The wings extended outward

The wings extended outward

4. 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman

This green Mini Countryman is quite cool. It has white stripes on the front hood and a translucent roof. The headlights are painted and they contains lots of different colors and patterns. The Mini logo is also painted on the nose and the grille is painted black with grey textures. There is a ton of front detail and I am very impressed. The rear is just as good though. We see the Mini logo once again along with bright red, painted taillights. Even the "Countryman" lettering is painted silver and is large enough to see easy. Even the "Cooper S" lettering is painted black and red. This Mini is packed with detail and is one excellent casting.

3. Jeep CJ-7 4x4

As for the Jeep 4x4, it has plenty of detail to satisfy me. The front of the 4x4 has a massive bull bar with a Warn winch texture on it. The Jeep has no doors and the roof is just a roll cage, which I think makes the casting awesome. There is even a spare tire strapped down in the back which just adds to the off-road, utilitarian style of the Jeep. The Jeep even has side exhausts and a hitch on the rear. The "CJ-7" badge is painted in silver on the hood of each side and splashes of mud are painted all along the vehicle. This 4x4 Jeep has a lot of features and textures that I really favor and it is one of the highlights of the pack in my eyes.

My Jeep CJ7

My Jeep CJ7

Side glance of the Jeep

Side glance of the Jeep

2. 2019 Ford Mustang GT

The Ford Mustang GT, like the Mini Cooper is very detailed. The grille has a honeycomb texture with the pony badge engraved in it. The fog lamps are painted white and the headlights are painted with all the proper patterns to replicate the real car. Even the signal lights are painted orange. The taillights patterns are painted bright red and the "GT" badge is painted silver in the middle of the car. The license plate also has a pony on it painted in Silver. One funny thing I noticed, is that the front seats look like they are pushed way to far forward for comfort.

1. 1972 Ford Bronco

Yes I know what you are thinking. How could the less detailed Bronco beat the Ford Mustang. That is a great question, but here is why. You may or may not know, but I love old Broncos. Especially since I visit the dunes often, I see these often and I love how much customization is out there for it and how off-road capable it is. I have a couple of Matchbox Broncos, but they all have silly liveries. This one is clean and painted in a beautiful sky blue with white interior and roof. Moving back to the model, the 302 engine badge is painted on the side in very small, silver lettering. Right below it is a signal light painted in bright orange. Further down the side you can see the "Bronco" lettering written in silver with a silver fuel cap near the rear fender. Even the door handles are painted. Also their are lights painted red at the rear of the side. There is not painted details on the rear, however the "Ford" lettering is engraved into the blue casting and the Bronco has a large hitch to tow all your trailers.

My Ford Bronco

My Ford Bronco


This Top Gun Maverick five pack is epic and I am so happy I finally found one. Each vehicle is very amazing and all the cars are licensed. The jet is just nice to have and the wing extensions feature is very cool indeed. The Bronco is my favorite, but I love each vehicle. Thanks for reading! and as always don't forget to bump and follow for more content daily!

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