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Skyline is the well-known car production by the Prince motor company, from 1957, in Japan as well as they made Prince R380 with the 2.0-litre DOHC inline 6 engine, producing 200 horsepower and 160 brake horsepower. In 1969, Nissan took over Prince motor company and made Nissan R380 mark 2. Then Nissan comes up with R31, R32, R33, R34, R35 car models, which more powerful and high technology system car.

Most of the people curious about Nissan GT-R's performance, exhaust sound and body shape. But, they have not considered what is the material used on it. Let's begin about the information regarding GT-R.


GT-R's engine performance and efficiency higher than other supercars, because its engine has a less mechanical loss by reducing the friction between the piston and the engine wall. Earlier it was the biggest challenge to face by Nissan group, due to the cost and manufacturing processes. So, they choose to make an aluminium engine's block material to improve the performance by reducing the engine weight of the engine, and the cylinder inner wall coating with a cast-iron to reduce the friction between wall and piston. For the coating method, they spray molten iron onto the wall, help to reduce cost as well.


Nissan GT-R uniqueness is its exhaust sound, on road most of the people identify GT-R with prodigious exhaust noise. The biggest problem in makes exhaust is the engine's power output very high, so the exhaust pipe heats up very quickly as well as it should cool down as heat up. Due to that, Nissan team choose titanium handmade exhaust system to improve cooling while running and more exotic sound.

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