The MBeast is a BMW 2002 with a new M3’s engine

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With the cold weather of November also comes a stream of photos from the West Coast of the United States where the biggest tuning show is currently ongoing. SEMA kicked off in Las Vegas earlier this week and has already shown us some amazing creations from talented tuners.

This totally bonkers BMW 2002 created by Dalmakis Performance in partnership with Sprint Booster and JRP fits in perfectly with the rest of the crowd, then.

At first glance, the ridiculously extended wheel arches and low stance make you head turn so quick that the team behind the car will soon be looking at a tower of whiplash claims. The beautiful metallic blue paint coupled to the yellow accents along the doors seem to tie in perfectly together. Not to mention how the custom BBS wheels that also fit in with the paint work draw your attention.

Once the 2002’s astonishing look pulls you in, you realise that the bonnet isn’t exactly hiding a small 1.5-litre four-pot. Instead, its powered by an uprated version of the turbocharged straight-six usually found under the bonnet of a modern BMW M3 or M4. Although no power figure has been claimed by the trio of companies behind the car, it’s fair to expect a figure exceeding 500hp.

The engine isn’t the only part of the so-called MBeast that’s been nicked from more modern BMW cars. The interior has also undergone quite the operation. In fact, most of the elements including the instrument cluster and steering wheel are borrowed from an E90 3-Series.

Although the S55 straight-six engine that’s used both in this project is an amazing powerplant with vast amounts of power, I’m slightly perplexed why the team chose it over a naturally aspirated engine. In fact, with a little work done to it, the more traditional S54 from the E46 M3 could have been allowed to scream from within the MBeast’s engine bay. Even the E92 M3’s V8 could have been a fun idea, although half the engine would have had to stick out the front end.

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  • M-agnificent.

    5 days ago
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  • i had 2 2002ti and an 1802 i had to put a new motor in it due to the fact that my brother blew the original motor. i replaced it with a 525 engine with double webers on it was a lot of work but it fitted lots of fun after a lot of swearing and cursing :-)

    2 days ago
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