The McLaren 765 LT is almost too quick

Is there such a thing as 'too quick'?

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Everyone was home and paying full attention back in March when McLaren unveiled the all-new 765 Long Tail. They showed us the pictures and videos, gave us some technical details but crucially they were a bit cryptic about performance. Well, they've just revealed official performance figures for the 2021 765 LT and as it turns out, the car is even faster than we thought.

It reportedly covered the quarter-mile strip in under ten seconds, which is impressive, and it does 0-60 in 2.7 seconds, marginally faster than the initial estimate, with a top speed of 205 mph.

Production is already underway in Woking, UK and deliveries are expected to begin in late September. The models you see here were enhanced by MSO, McLaren Special Operations, featuring an MSO Bespoke Tarmac Black and Tokyo Cyan paint with Carbon Fibre accents. The exposed carbon option is also available in several other colourways.

The second MSO model is referred to as the 'Strata theme'. It comes in with an orange base paint, which is then blended with Memphis Red and Cherry Black with Volcano Red brake calipers at the front and Azores Orange at the rear. There's also an 'art in motion' touch with a stylized city skyline.

The second MSO car is called the Strata theme, which features a graphical 'art in motion' paint scheme styled after a city skyline. An orange base paint is blended with Memphis Red and Cherry black while the brake calipers use a combination of Volcano Red in the front and Azores Orange in the rear.

The 755-bhp supercar has a starting price of £280,000 so it doesn't come cheap, but you can at least rest safe in the knowledge that you're getting a lot of bang for your buck.

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